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We stroll daily in Paris, we try to absorb the most of its infinitude, to merge with its atmosphere. We wish to show you at least a small mosaic of its charm, beauty and exceptionality. We hope to be a pleasant and interesting guide of yours steps in this city. Paris seen by people who do not feel to be strangers here anymore. Paris is a Moveable Feast“ - Ernest Hemingway.

The Saint Jacques Tower


jacques0.jpgFrom June 5th till September 27th the city of Paris and the association „Des mots et des Arts“ enable the public to visit the Saint Jacques tower. Groups of visitors are limited to 17 people. Accompanied by a guide, you climb up 300 winding stairs and you find yourself on a terace with probably the most charming panoramatic view on Paris... 


Green chairs


paris-zidle-1.jpgThey belong to Paris as the Eiffel Tower, baguette or the Rodin’s kiss statue. The Luxembourg or Tuileries gardens would not have their world-famous romantic touch without the green chairs. Metal green chairs, which serve for studying, reading, picnics, kissing, hugging, sun bathing, for stretching out the legs, as an objective of cameras, as the place for the birds jumping.


Sunday in Paris


paristep-nedele-1.jpgBy the Seine river, close to the church Saint-Gervais Saint-Protais there is a coffee place „Le Café Louis Philippe“ with an old staircase, a relic of the initial stairs from the Eiffel tower. And by the Saint-Germain boulevard there is a coffee place with a part of the fortification from the 13th century, which was built around Paris by the king Philippe Auguste.


Stories from the Père Lachaise cemetery


lachaise-0.jpgWe walk through the main entrance on the boulevard Ménilmontant and find ourselves in the world of stories, anecdotes and history of Paris, told by the stones of the Père Lachaise cemetery. Our guide Axelle from the Parisian blog Paris ZigZag takes us through the stories of the graves and monuments to various periods of the past.


January Paris


2015-titul.jpgIn December, in the mood of Christmas holidays, with the taste of honey cookies and chocolates I planned to write about the Saint Denis basilique, about its marber royal tombs, how the kings have the statues of lions by their feet and the queens tombs are protected by the dogs statues, about the beauty of the statue of Marie Antoinette and the king Louis XVI...






Photos of Paris