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We stroll daily in Paris, we try to absorb the most of its infinitude, to merge with its atmosphere. We wish to show you at least a small mosaic of its charm, beauty and exceptionality. We hope to be a pleasant and interesting guide of yours steps in this city. Paris seen by people who do not feel to be strangers here anymore. Paris is a Moveable Feast“ - Ernest Hemingway.

Artistic commercial signs


artis-1.jpg"Enseignes artistiques". Art signs above the shop entrances can be more easily shown in pictures than described in words. It is not just a sign or inscription indicating the name of the shop. It’s an idea, a witty and often funny idea of the shop owner, producer, artist or a craftman. It is a metal or wooden sign, which is esthetically nice...


The Bercy Village


bercy-1.jpgAn area full of contrasts. One of the newest parts of Paris and at the same time maintaining its village atmosphere. Low stone houses, the cobblestone pavement, leisure atmosphere of a pedestrian area, ending by a modern cinema building, being with its 18 movies rooms the second biggest cinema in Europe.


The Street of the Fishing Cat


fishing-cat-0.jpg„La rue du chat qui pêche“ (The Street of the Fishing Cat) is situated in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, in the Sorbonne area. Quite often mentioned as the narrowest street of the city, it is 1,80 meter large and 29 metres long. It was created in 1540. The street was named successively „rue des Étuves“, „du Renard“, „des Bouticles“ and „rue Neuve des Lavandières“...


Winged Ant by the Notre-Dame Cathedral


valentyn-1.jpg"I would like to tell myself a nice short unbelievable story" (Je voudrais me raconter à moi-même une jolie petite histoire invraisemblable.) is written on the wall in the cozy restaurant – tea room named "La Fourmi Ailée" (Winged Ant) with a figurine of a big winged ant in the window. With the approaching holiday of red hearts and loving looks, we search for a place...


February in Paris has a smell of pancakes


palacinky-4.jpgYou turn a calendar page from January to February and suddenly all over France pancakes become a hot topic. In the morning you go to the bakery to buy a bread and on the front desk you notice a pile of fresh golden pancakes. On the teacher’s request, children go to the kindergarten with eggs, marmelade or sugar; in the agendas of the school children you find a recipe for pancakes.