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We stroll daily in Paris, we try to absorb the most of its infinitude, to merge with its atmosphere. We wish to show you at least a small mosaic of its charm, beauty and exceptionality. We hope to be a pleasant and interesting guide of yours steps in this city. Paris seen by people who do not feel to be strangers here anymore. Paris is a Moveable Feast“ - Ernest Hemingway.

In the shadow of the Sacré-Coeur Basilique


1-sacre-coeur.jpgThe Sacré-Coeur Basilique is considered to be the most visible dominant of Paris. Thanks to its bright colour and its location on the mountain it is more visible that the slim construction of the Eiffel Tower. You can spend almost the whole day in the shadow of the Sacré-Coeur Basilique...


Life in Paris during the First World War


lansiaux-titul.jpgTill mid-June in the Historical Library of Paris you can see the photo exhibition of the photographer Charles Lansiaux (1855-1939). About two hundred photos document Paris in the years of the World War I. We discover the war Paris, but not its battle and fronts face but the war years how they were lived by Parisians.

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Spring days in "Petit Palais"


petit-palais-titul-2.jpgIt is called a Small Palace (Petit Palais) but its architectonic look is not small at all, in its beauty the palace proudly competes with the neighbouring Grand Palais. The Palace was built at the occasion of the World Exposition "Exposition Universelle" in 1900 with the aim to create a perpendicular axe from the Alexander III. bridge to the Avenue Champ-Elysées.

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Artistic commercial signs


artis-1.jpg"Enseignes artistiques". Art signs above the shop entrances can be more easily shown in pictures than described in words. It is not just a sign or inscription indicating the name of the shop. It’s an idea, a witty and often funny idea of the shop owner, producer, artist or a craftman. It is a metal or wooden sign, which is esthetically nice...


The Bercy Village


bercy-1.jpgAn area full of contrasts. One of the newest parts of Paris and at the same time maintaining its village atmosphere. Low stone houses, the cobblestone pavement, leisure atmosphere of a pedestrian area, ending by a modern cinema building, being with its 18 movies rooms the second biggest cinema in Europe.