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Weekend brunch


brunch.jpgParis is trendy, and in the last years the weekend brunch has become one of the recent tendencies of young Parisians. The origin of the English word brunch connecting breakfast and lunch in many countries is scheduled for the late morning hours. In Paris the brunch time moves to noon or even afternoon hours.


The oldest coffee place in the world


laprocope1.jpgCouple of minutes walking from the Saint Michel fountain you can sip the Parisian coffee at the place which used to be visited by the world-known philosophers of the 18th century, place where Benjamin Franklin worked on the American Constitution, where used to come the personalites such as La Fontaine, Anatole France, Voltaire, Balzac, Hugo, Verlaine...simply the literary soul of Paris.


The Odéon Theatre - Juliette Binoche


odeon-binoche-3.jpgJust couple of steps from the busy quarter Odéon, hidden in the never calming dynamic life of cinemas, restaurants, coffee places and bars of the Saint-Germain boulevard, is located an architectonic and cultural jewel of geometric simplicity, with harmonic, cosy interior spaces – a theatre.

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