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Aquaduct in Arcueil-Cachan


aquaduct-1.jpgThose who have already got through the emotions from the Eiffel Tower, wide Parisian boulevards and the view from Montmartre, those who come repeteadly to Paris, maybe will be curious to discover the numerous beauties of the Parisian region.


What to wear in Paris?


1.jpgA strange question? Everyone has his favorite clothes for traveling. The most important thing is comfort, of course. Convenience on the road affects our experience more than it seems, small shoes or clothes doesn´t only spoil your mood, but also your opinion on the place you´ve visited.


Coffee in Paris


cafe.jpgCoffee is ubiquitous in Paris and often even confirmed foe of this fragrant delicacy doesn´t resist and sits down for a while. But is it not as easy as it seems to order coffee in Paris... Most of Central Europeans are amazed after ordering their first "café" - it is small, strong and there´s no „extra little milk“.


Transportation in Paris - metro


metro-paris.jpgTransportation is the issue that cannot be avoided in Paris. You cannot walk everywhere and after 2-3 days even the most enthusiast walkers get tired, or start to have some health problems. And so they cannot fully enjoy Paris the following days. I have witnessed this couple of times. That’s why I recommend from the beginning of your stay to use fully the means of the common transportation.


Best ice-cream in Paris


ice-paris.jpgAfter cold June the summer finally came to Paris and together with summer the hot topic what are the good ice-cream addresses in Paris. As well as bakeries or pharmacies, you can find plenty of ice-cream stands in Paris. But which of them are worth stopping by?


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