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We stroll daily in Paris, we try to absorb the most of its infinitude, to merge with its atmosphere. We wish to show you at least a small mosaic of its charm, beauty and exceptionality. We hope to be a pleasant and interesting guide of yours steps in this city. Paris seen by people who do not feel to be strangers here anymore. Paris is a Moveable Feast“ - Ernest Hemingway.

A day in Versailles


versailles-01.jpgA day which does look like any other. However, for Elytour this day looks like many other days. Details, excellence, quality of service, 10 years of history, guiding their clients at places rich in history,  “savoir-faire” (know-how) and “savoir-vivre” (art of living), accompanied by the explanations of professional guides.


Guide to the Parisian coffee


kava-1.jpgPeople come to Paris because of the Eiffel Tower, fashion and coffee. A coffee as a break during long hours walks on Parisian boulevards, coffee as a pretext for hours spent at the teraces under the red sunblinds, the best place to follow the life of the city. Coffee which will wake you up to the Parisian morning.


Josef Sudek in Musée du Jeu de Paume


sudek-01.jpgIt is pleasant to walk in Paris and see the posters with a Czech name. The exhibition of a world-known photographer Josef Sudek in Musée du Jeu de Paume has logically become my target. The Museum is located in the building which used to be a ball-and-court games place at the corner of the Tuilleries gardens and by the Concorde square and the famouse Rivoli boulevard. 

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Writer from the Wolves Valley


chateaubriand-titul.jpg„You, who want to write about people, go first to the deserts, become at least for a while a child of nature, and then, only then take a pen to your hand“. Says the writer Francois-René de Chateaubriand through the boards hanging among the trees on the edge of the wood path of the Wolves Valley (Vallée-aux-Loups), taking you to the museum.


8Art and children in the Marmottan Museum


monet-titul.jpgIf you visit Paris in spring or beginning of summer, do not miss the unique art exhibition in the Marmottan museum. In the fancy neighbourhood of embassies, in the street Louis Boilly, the exhibition called „L’Art et l’Enfant“ (Art and a Child) presents children seen and painted by the master artists from the Middle Ages till 20th century.

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