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Ten Advices for your stay

1.   Do not hurry, no one has yet managed to see everything in one city, visiting three main sites per day is sufficient.

2.   Study the map of the city and metro prior to your visit, do not forget to visit some restaurants, brasseries.

3.   Give Paris the opportunity to come to you as you enjoy moments in cafes and parks.
4.   Do not forget to save some of your energy for the evenings in Paris, they are often the best.
5.   Speak French, even if only a little bit and with errors, English does not open the doors.
6.   When entering a restaurant, wait till the waiter suggests you a table.

7.   Expect more friendly people from what is said of the French.

8.   Expect the hotel room to be smaller and less comfortable compared to what you saw on the internet. 

9.   For walks in town, do not wear tennis shoes, backpack and map. If you do not look too much like a tourist, people will be friendlier. 

10. Hold to your right on the escalators, the Parisians are not on leave, the left side is for people in a hurry.

Jan Schinko jr.








Photo NotreDame