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Green Walk in Paris


promenade-plantee-1.jpg"Promenade plantée" or "Coulée verte" - in the free translation a 4,5 km walk in the greenery in the heart of Paris. An interesting walk from the Bastille square to the park Bois de Vincennes, hidden and protected from the traffic noise, crowds of tourists, an oasis of silence and calm, at the same time offering an atypical view on the architecture of the surrounding buildings.


Curious facts from the Latin quarter


titul.jpgThe facts that you will find here a lot of tiny restaurants with the specialties from all over the world or that the heart of the Latin quarter is the Sorbonne University and that it is called Latin quarter because in the past the education language was Latin, these are the well known facts. Axelle, the guide from the Parisian blog Paris ZigZag, who was born in the Latin quarter and still lives there, reveals us much more.


Medieval Castle in Vincennes


Castle in VincennesEast of Paris, with the metro line 1 (station Château de Vincennes) or line RER A (station Vincennes) you will get to the Middle Age, to one of the most important castles of the French history, château de Vincennes. In the town Vincennes with a bourgeois population, typical for the rich Parisian suburbs, on the large space is located a royal castle.


Parisian metro and Hector Guimard


metro-paris-titul.jpg"Art nouveau", or "New art" of the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century, which is well known through the rich stone decorations of Parisian buildings, through flowery decorations, is represented also by the green fantasy entrances to the Parisian metro entrances.


Secrets of the Marais quarter


1-marais-titul.jpgOn Sunday autumn morning a group of the lovers of Paris meet in front of the Saint-Gervais-Saint-Protait church, accompanied by Michel Faul, a guide, historian, an expert for stories hidden in the history of Paris. Through his words, anecdotes, explanations of details of this Parisian quarter, the name of which comes from the bogs, we are moved back to the Medieval Paris.


Aquaduct in Arcueil-Cachan


aquaduct-1.jpgThose who have already got through the emotions from the Eiffel Tower, wide Parisian boulevards and the view from Montmartre, those who come repeteadly to Paris, maybe will be curious to discover the numerous beauties of the Parisian region.


The smallest house in Paris


the-smallest-house-in-paris.jpgWhen passing by you will not even realize that it is a separate house. It gives the impression of a natural connection between two neighbouring higher six floor houses. But look closer and you will find out that the tiny shop with shirts and jeans has its own identity.


Parisian Passages


titul.jpgUnusual plan for Paris, not so known to the tourists, but still with a big concentration of history, charm, French gourmandise and specialties, colours, interesting shop windows: follow the map to get to the Parisian "passages", or "galleries". Passages are tiny streets covered with glass roofs, with various boutiques, old bookstores, or cosy coffee places and tiny restaurants.


What is hidden behind the Saint-Germain Church?


titul.jpgThe rule that does noe have any exception in Paris – when you start to stroll outside the main tourist points, you will never regret and you will have a feeling that some tiny street, obscure coffee place, windows of design shops or galleries, or a small square will belong for a while just to you.


Windows in Paris sometimes lie


titul.jpgOne of the fascinating phenomena when you stroll in Paris are the so called „trompe-l‘oeil“ – in the direct translation „the lies of an eye“. In reality of Parisian streets and fasades it means painted windows or other images on the walls of the buildings, the most often painted fake windows on the walls which are actually without windows.