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Bouquinistes - booksellers on the Seine quays


2.jpg1000 wooden „mini-bookshops“ in the form of foldable wooden and metal stalls, 300 000 books, 217 „booksellers“, several miles cultural walk along the Seine.
In the 16th century the booksellers walked together with their books. Several centuries later they fixed small foldable stalls on the banks of the Seine and these days near the building of the Parisian townhall  Hôtel de Ville there are presented four models of modern stalls conceived by designers. They are still green, but more modern, from light and resistant materials offering to the booksellers more confort for their work in open air. The stalls are equipped with the warming and lighting systems.

Prototype 1 is from the spruce wood with various metal parts, resembling to a big travel case. Designer wanted that the shape makes a reference back to the 16th century, when the booksellers were transporting the books with them.

Prototype 2 is from zinc and the shape reminds the roofs of Paris, seen from the banks of the Seine river.

Prototype 3 resembles the most to the existing stalls, designer tried to represent the curves of the flowing waters of the Seine. The stall is from aluminium but the inside is laid with wood.

Prototype 4 is from aluminium and reminds a paper origami creation. The shape of its folds represents the details of the Gothic architecture of the historical Paris.

During several weeks in February 2012 the booksellers can test these new „work places“ and the stall that will come out from the competition as a winner will replace around 1 000 existing old stalls. The booksellers on the banks of the Seine river will undergo a modern revolution.

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