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In the shadow of the Sacré-Coeur Basilique


2-sacre-coeur.jpgThe Sacré-Coeur Basilique is considered to be the most visible dominant of Paris. Thanks to its bright colour and its location on the mountain it is more visible that the slim construction of the Eiffel Tower. 

You can spend almost the whole day in the shadow of the Sacré-Coeur Basilique, which often reaches the restaurants and coffee places of the street "rue du Chevalier de la Barre". In the morning the streets are empty, only at moments a random runner or a cleaning person can be seen. It is the best time to observe the architecture of the surroundings and the details of the houses. The shop windows, empty restaurant teraces and legendary stairs under the Basilique wake up with the sun rising. The romantic persons will notice the game of the lights and shaddows of the numerous fences and trees, the pragmatic persons will concentrate on the time when the coffee places open, to get their fresh coffee and a croissant. 5-sacre-coeur.jpg
The architect Paul Abadie made the basilique by its size and the silhuette a logical continuation of the whole Montmartre. Many streets are so picturesque because behind them you can admire the towers of the Abadie's work.
The building gives "a lying perception". It is almost as tall as it is long, even if it does not seem so on the first sight. Thanks to the used stone calc tuff "it likes to change its colours". Especially when the weather is nice, usually after a rain, it is snow white. In the evening, at the moment 6-sacre-coeur.jpgof the sun set it gets softly yellowish. I have seen (and photographed) the basilique in a pinkish shade, and under some specific circumstances it has also blueish light colour. All this is caused by the calc tuff which is full of holes and bubbles the surface of which is darker. According to the weather changes, different humidity and light conditions the optic effects vary.
Sacré-Coeur – translated as a Sacred Heart (of Jesus) – besides its atmosphere inside of the church – with hundreds of candles, unique window-panes, mosaics, statues and paintings – we cannot forget the genius loci around the church! Together with the banks of the Seine river by the Notre-Dame cathedral and the interior of the Sainte-Chapelle is the most impressive from the whole Paris. Basilique and its surrounding have several faces. The northern back side falling towards the street de la Bonne, during the day in the shaddow of the towers, will please you with a calm, humble atmosphere. This part is being controlled by the traditional, strictly or even 7-sacre-coeur.jpgangrily looking gargoyles. The western part by the Saint-Pierre church is more busy, in winter there are the stands of the Christmas market with its magical mood. Here you can clearly notice how the basilique is "placed" in the landscape, you walk quite high, above the first floor of the church.
The most famous and the most favourite is the front part of the basilique with the impressive stairs, fountain and the park. Also thanks to the panoramic view on the city, the funicular or a traditional carousel by the entrance to the park, the movie makers like to choose this part of Paris. This place is busy till late evening in each season of the year. It is also a place of frequent performances of various musicians, showmen a artists. 
Jan Schinko jr., Paristep

Preview of picture in folder Paris Montmartre 2015 | Jan Schinko jr.