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The most romantic square in Paris


2.jpgWhen you are close to the Notre-Dame cathedral, do not make the same mistake as me. It has taken me several years of living in Paris to discover the most romantic Parisian square. And it takes so little. From the Notre-Dame continue along the Seine river till the end of the l’Ile de la Cité island. Behind the fasades of the buildings facing the Seine there is hidden one of the most beautiful, charming and discrete squares. It is preciously hidden from the crowds, protected from the mass tourism, only those most curious will discover it. On Saturday noon when in front of the Notre-Dame there are hundreds or thousands of people, only 10 minutes of walking from the cathedral, the square Place Dauphine is empty. Well, not really, there is a man walking his dog, a young couple on the bicycles and maybe 4 local people walking. 

The charm of the square is also in its interesting shape. It seems it is gradually created from the tiny street rue Henri-Robert. On a small space it slowly widens to face a white Justice Palace building. The beauty is in the old architecture of several dozens of buildin4.jpggs, couple of restaurants and bars, the fasades of which tell about their special character, central space of the square with the benches and chestnut trees, through the branches of which the buildings seem even more....romantic. Today the main access to the square is the street Henri-Robert, in front of which is a statue of Henri IV on a horse.
The square Dauphine was created in the 16th century by connecting three little islands. Wikipedia mentions that the construction of the lovers brodge „Pont Neuf“ from 1578 till 1607 lead to connecting several small islands and attaching them to the „l'Ile de la Cité“ island. And it gave an idea to the king Henri IV to create here a residential square.
If you have seen the last movie of Woody Allen „Midnight in Paris“, the square will not be completely unknown to you.
The closest metro station: Line 7 Pont Neuf
Maria Dopjerova-Danthine, Paristep