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Green Walk in Paris


promenade-plantee-1.jpg"Promenade plantée" or "Coulée verte" - in the free translation a 4,5 km walk in the greenery in the heart of Paris. An interesting walk from the Bastille square to the park Bois de Vincennes, hidden and protected from the traffic noise, crowds of tourists, an oasis of silence and calm, at the same time offering an atypical view on the architecture of the surrounding buildings. "Promenade verte" was created in 1988 by Philippe Mathieux and Jacques Vepromenade-plantee-2.jpgrgely on the place of an old railway, which from 1859 was connecting the Bastille square with Varenne-Saint-Maur.

If you want to walk the whole "promenade plantée", the best is to start by the metro station Michel Bizot of the line 8. The first part of the walk is completely hidden in the greenery, you meet joggers, bikers, parents with children, and gradually the greenery reveals the windows and roofs of the neighbouring buildings. You get to the calm street "Allée Vivaldi" with a choice of nice restaurants with the specialities of various cpromenade-plantee-3.jpgountries: for example a Turkish gourmand restaurant "Le Janissaire", Chinese restaurant "Les jardins de Mandchourie" or Indian restaurant "Jodphur Palace".

After several steps you get to an elevated bridge above a small park, offering a view right to the windows of the apartments, and from this moment starts a marvellous excursion with a view, or overview of Parisian streets. You admire the facades of the Parisian buildings from another view as if you were in the street, you are on the level of their windows and roofs, you can see more closely the details of the Haussmanian facades, "Art déco" facades which give you a completely different perspective from the height getting close to the roofs, you are on the level of the attic apartments, you see some buildings which are not visible from the street. Although you can see cars in the streets, their noise and smog does not get to you.promenade-plantee-4.jpg

To the Bastille square you get by the viaduct "Viaduc des arts", which since 1989 covers under its 71 arcades various galleries of Parisian artists, trendy coffee places, antiques. The artists of the galleries under the viaduct have an order from the city to carry out part of their artistic activity directly on place, in the gallery, so that the passers-by can observe their work through galleries windows.

A little different, atypical view on the Parisian streets, life of Parisians, neither from the birds perspective nor from the pedestrian perspective, you are somewhere in the middle, between flowers, bushes, trees and still in the beauty of Paris.

Maria Dopjerova-Danthine, Paristep