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Artistic commercial signs


artis-1.jpg"Enseignes artistiques". Art signs above the shop entrances can be more easily shown in pictures than described in words. It is not just a sign or inscription indicating the name of the shop.

It’s an idea, a witty and often funny idea of the shop owner, producer, artist or a craftman. It is a metal or wooden sign, which is esthetically nice, attracts the attention of the passers-by, shows the traditions, history, quality to which we want to attract the customers. It is an art creation with nicely combined colours, various figures, painted or embossed in the metal a baguette, a farmer, a baker, a key or a carriage with a horse....artis-2.jpg

While walking in the Parisian streets it is worth raising up your eyes and not only because of the details of the Haussmanian buildings. The artistic commercial signs are a pride of shops, boutiques, art studios, galleries, are part of the atmosphere of Parisian streets and boulevards. They complete the complex mosaique of a Parisian charm.

Although a particular character of Parisian architecture has to be respected, the advertisements cannot disturb the face of the most beautiful city in the world, the residential features of each part of Paris have to be kept, perturbative advertisement lights have to be avoided, inspite of all these regulations the artistic commercial signs above the shop entrances are flourishing in Paris, as well as in other villages and towns all over France.

There are plenty of them for example in the old passages, covered streets, the luxury and history of which are protected from the changing weather conditions. The passages are charming not only because of their history but also thanks to their original and unique shops, boutiques and art shops. In order to be more visible for the clients, many of them have "enseignes" hanging over their entrances. In the passages "Passage Choiseul", "Passage du Panorama", "Galerie Vivienne" in the 2nd Parisian arrondissement, raise up your sight from the ground and show windows in order not to miss interesting "enseignes", in order not to miss Paris.
Maria Danthine, Paristep