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Parisian submarine


ponorka-1_180.jpgIts name is Argonaute, was constructed in Cherbourg and launched to the sea waters in 1958. An important event for Parisians, on October 10th 1989 the submarine arrived to the La Villette Park. You can identify it without problems close to the ball-shaped cinema Géode, reflecting the caprices of Parisian sky.

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Parisian Observatory


1.jpgDays of the National Heritage, in France called „Journées du Patrimoine“ were held this year during the weekend of September 15th and 16th and so the sunny hot September weekend motivated hundreds of thousands of people to stand in the long lines in front of the numerous Parisian sights, state institutions, private aristocratic houses, hospitals, hotels, police stations, townhalls... located in old historical buildings.

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Le Lucernaire – culture in Montparnasse area


1.jpgWhen walking in the long serpentine metro corridors the posters inform you about various theatre performances, museum exhibitions, concerts and travel destinations. Free newspapers and magazines distributed in the metro do the same, they try to attract you to numerous possibilities of Parisian cultural and gourmandise life.

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The Odéon Theatre - Juliette Binoche


odeon-binoche-3.jpgJust couple of steps from the busy quarter Odéon, hidden in the never calming dynamic life of cinemas, restaurants, coffee places and bars of the Saint-Germain boulevard, is located an architectonic and cultural jewel of geometric simplicity, with harmonic, cosy interior spaces – a theatre.

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Eugène Atget and old Paris


atget-1.jpgSpring 2012 in the Carnavalet Museum of the old Parisian quarter Marais is characterized also by the spirit of the exhibition of the photographer Eugène Atget, who with his pictures artistically and truthfully documented the history and atmosphere of Paris of the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century.


When you say 104


titul.jpgThe history of the place called „Centquatre“ (104) is more than curious. The building which reminds an old train station, was constructed in 1873 and from the year 1905 there was a funeral office here. In 1905 the Church was separated from the State and everybody had the right to have a funeral ceremony, whatever the religion, the marital status.

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Robert Doisneau and the belly of Paris


img_2436.jpgThe postcards from Paris with the pictures of a young running boy with the baguette under his arm, or the famous kiss of lovers in front of the Parisian townhall Hôtel de Ville are well-known. And if you know these clichés, then we do not have to introduce you the Parisian photographer Robert Doisneau.


Paul Cézanne and Paris


img_1641.jpgEven if you come to Paris only for couple of days, you cannot avoid the Luxembourg garden. In winter months, and especially in freezing February, in spite of the unlimited possibilities of walking in the streets, boulevards, squares or slow paces in the parks and gardens, the need of changing the sharp outside air for warmer place after couple of hours becomes an emergency. And so we open the doors of coffee places, restaurants and museums.

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