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Josef Sudek in Musée du Jeu de Paume


sudek-01.jpgIt is pleasant to walk in Paris and see the posters with a Czech name. The exhibition of a world-known photographer Josef Sudek in Musée du Jeu de Paume has logically become my target. The Museum is located in the building which used to be a ball-and-court games place at the corner of the Tuilleries gardens and by the Concorde square and the famouse Rivoli boulevard. 

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8Art and children in the Marmottan Museum


monet-titul.jpgIf you visit Paris in spring or beginning of summer, do not miss the unique art exhibition in the Marmottan museum. In the fancy neighbourhood of embassies, in the street Louis Boilly, the exhibition called „L’Art et l’Enfant“ (Art and a Child) presents children seen and painted by the master artists from the Middle Ages till 20th century.

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"Damned trinity" from Montmartre


montmartre-01.jpg"Damned trinity" or "diabolic trio" – were the nicknames that were given to the reknown painters from Monmartre. One night the painter André Utter found Maurice Utrillo completely drunk and so he took him home to his mother – the painter Suzanne Valadon. From an accidental meeting rose love, which did not care about the age difference between 23-years old André Utter and 44 years old Suzanne Valadon...

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Impressionists in the Luxembourg garden


3.jpgParis has gone through the beginning of the school year, metro trains have filled in and without noticing we have got to the period touching the cold days of winter. On the first November day Indian summer was still there, in the Luxembourg garden bathing in the sun, welcoming the visitors by a huge poster at the entrance „Paul Durand-Ruel, a bet of impressionism, Manet...


Life in Paris during the First World War


lansiaux-titul.jpgTill mid-June in the Historical Library of Paris you can see the photo exhibition of the photographer Charles Lansiaux (1855-1939). About two hundred photos document Paris in the years of the World War I. We discover the war Paris, but not its battle and fronts face but the war years how they were lived by Parisians.

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Spring days in "Petit Palais"


petit-palais-titul-2.jpgIt is called a Small Palace (Petit Palais) but its architectonic look is not small at all, in its beauty the palace proudly competes with the neighbouring Grand Palais. The Palace was built at the occasion of the World Exposition "Exposition Universelle" in 1900 with the aim to create a perpendicular axe from the Alexander III. bridge to the Avenue Champ-Elysées.

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Artists in the old refridgerating warehouse


4.jpgOn Friday you read in the metro that during the weekend of May 25th and 26th old refridgerating warehouse, as the Parisians call them „les Frigos“, open the doors to the public and on Saturday afternoon you are among many other curious visitors in the old building in the Bercy quarter by the modern library of F. Mitterand.

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Venetian Murano in the Maillol Museum


murano-2.jpgIn the Maillol Museum, not far from the Invalides, from March 27th till July 28th 2013 the Venetian glass Murano is declined in all the shapes. An interesting and esthetical view on the seven centuries of the glass production from the Murano island in Venice will accompany you through two floors of the exhibition, through two hundred unique objects.

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Wine Museum


muzeum-vina-titul.jpgOn the first sight it does not seem to be an attractive plan for your Parisian walks. It’s neither Louvre, nor Musée d Orsay or Rodin Museum. However, you are in the country of wines, among people for whom the wine knowledge and tasting is one of the biggest pleasures of life and definitely belongs to their „savoir-vivre“.

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Comédie Française


comedie-francaise-1.jpgMarch evening with dense snowing, evening lights of the Hôtel de Louvre are being blurred in your eyes by the snow flakes, falling snow dulls the noises of Paris. Before the performance of Molière’s "The Miser" we are looking for the warmth in the Café de la Comédie Française. In order to make us seated the waiter with fast efficient gestures creates the place behind a tiny table.

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