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Paul Cézanne and Paris

img_1641.jpgEven if you come to Paris only for couple of days, you cannot avoid the Luxembourg garden. In winter months, and especially in freezing February, in spite of the unlimited possibilities of walking in the streets, boulevards, squares or slow paces in the parks and gardens, the need of changing the sharp outside air for warmer place after couple of hours becomes an emergency. And so we open the doors of coffee places, restaurants and museums.

After the walk on the boulevard Saint-Michel and Luxembourg garden, till February 26th you can enjoy a „cultural warming up“ in the Luxembourg Museum seeing the exhibition „Paul Cézanne and Paris“.

Originally from the South of France, Provence region, Cézanne liked to com01.jpge often to Paris, in the years from 1861 to 1905 he spent most of the time in Paris and the Paris surroundings „l‘Ile de France“. The exhibition presents around 80 paintings from all over the world of  Cézanne’s Parisian topics: views of Paris, sceneries and countrysides of Ile de France, still lives and portraits.

Do you know that the Luxembourg Museum was the first French museum open to the public? Opened in 1750 (Louvre was opened in 1793) it is also the oldest museum in Europe. Perfectly organized museum exhibitions focus on 3 main topics: Renesance in Europe, Art and Power, Paris – capital of art.

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