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Comédie Française


comedie-francaise-0.jpgMarch evening with dense snowing, evening lights of the Hôtel de Louvre are being blurred in your eyes by the snow flakes, falling snow dulls the noises of Paris. 

Before the performance of Molière’s "The Miser" we are looking for the warmth in the Café de la Comédie Française. In order to make us seated the waiter with fast efficient gestures creates the place behind a tiny table. We are being inspired by the white inscription on the mirrors, hot red wine which is being served by a scoop from a big kettle. Interior of the coffee place with colourful glass mcomedie-francaise-1.jpgotives of the Molière’s theatre plays is fascinating, with your eyes you scroll on the walls, on the objects above the bar desk. The waiter with his witty and funny comments makes the place even more charming. To the young American sitting at the neighbouring table he promises an XXXXXL portion, he forgives me the accident of making fall the little vase with flowers and spilling the water, saying that if I was a man he would not be so forgiving.
Italian style Salle Richelieu is one of the most famous theatre halls in the worcomedie-francaise-2.jpgld. The building of Comédie-Française, the architecture of which perfectly matches with the architecture of Palais Royal, was built by the architect Victor Louis.In 1670 there coexisted in Paris three theatre groups, actors in Marais, in Hôtel de Bourgogne and in Palais-Royal, which was led by Molière. In 1673, after the death of Molière, the actors from Marais followed the king’s order and joined the theatre actors from the Molière’s group.
Comédie-Française was founded on order of the king Louis XIV. on October 21st in 1680. Molière actually never played in the building of the Comédie-Francaise by Palais Royal. He died in 1673 after the performance "The Imaginary Invalid", when a strong coughing caused breaking of one blood vessel. When you climb the stairs you are accompanied by the busts of the famous personalities. Corneille is little worn since the actors like to touch him; it is supposed to bring them luck.
In Comédie-Française the plays are divided in five acts and a curious fact is that the length of one act corresponded to the time of burning one candle and the pauses (encomedie-francaise-3.jpgtractes) served for changing the candles. Comédie-Française is the only French theatre which has its permanent actors group, employed by the theatre and it’s a theatre the name of which is closely related to Molière.
Royally beautiful place, performance of the actors causing a neverending applause, richness and beauty of the Molière’s language, the gready Harpagon with refined jumping movements making the audience laugh, glass of champagne under the fancy chandeliers, snow falling on the night Paris.
"Let’s drink dear friends, let’s drink the passing time encourages us. Let’s enjoy the life while we can." Molière
Maria Dopjerova-Danthine, Paristep