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Impressionists in the Luxembourg garden


1.jpgParis has gone through the beginning of the school year, metro trains have filled in and without noticing we have got to the period touching the cold days of winter. On the first November day Indian summer was still there, in the Luxembourg garden bathing in the sun, welcoming the visitors by a huge poster at the entrance „Paul Durand-Ruel, a bet of impressionism, Manet, Monet, Renoir...“.

From October 9th 2014 till February 15th 2015 the Luxembourg Museum is hosting the impressionists. It is a first exhibition dedicated to the biggest 19th century art merchant, named Paul Durand-Ruel (1831 – 1922). 2.jpgPaul Durand-Ruel discovered impressionists, he was a pioneer in betting on their way of painting and  was a foundator of modern art trade. 80 masterpieces, Manet, Renoir, Monet, Sisley, Degas accompany you through the museum and show you the way how the art avant-garde got to the international awareness thanks to the impulse of Paul Durand-Ruela. Posters on the buses, in the metro corridors invite you to see the exhibition and since it will last till mid-February, it can be admired by all those who will come to visit the autumn Paris, Christmas Paris, New Year’s Paris and even the Saint Valentine Parisian tourists.

The neighbouring tea-house, reknown Angelina pays homage to the exhibition by its new pastry called „Valse of impressionists“. This pastry reminds us the dancers in the balls on the Seine banks, with its shape of scarlet red pleated skirt, covered by an elegant hat from the white chocolate, decorated by a little red rose. 4.jpgOn the crumble basis, under the red dome there is a white cheese foam and in the middle apricot marmelade. The classic of Angelina remains a hot chocolate which is poured from a porcelain jar and mixed with a whipped cream. At the neighbouring table a couple shares a chocolate pastry „éclair au chocolat“; the waitress welcomes an elderly man with the words that at this time they see him daily. He orders a coffee and a pistache cake „financier“.

The second biggest garden in Paris, built on the order of Maria Medici in 1612, has a lot of characteristics which make it known all over the world. The Medicis fountain with its reflection of light, trees and fallen leaves in its basin changes its face in each season of the year, every day, each hour. Children driving the small sailboats, children riding the ponies, children asking for a candy floss, ice-cream or a pancake, green metal chairs, which serve also as small picnic tables for bottles of wine and salad bowls, for resting books or the bare feet put across to warm up in the sun. 5.jpgMen in the white socks, shorts, with tennis rackets on the ground, holding coffee in the paper cups, satisfied that they did something for their shape, many kissing couples, man practising some Asian art with accompanying cries, sendwiches, macarons, a lot of open books, a woman massaging the feet of her lover, bunches of violet and yellow flowers, white statues of the French queens silently looking at all those activities, on a human life multiplied by millions.

Maria Danthine, Paristep



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