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Josef Sudek in Musée du Jeu de Paume


sudek-01.jpgIt is pleasant to walk in Paris and see the posters with a Czech name. The exhibition of a world-known photographer Josef Sudek in Musée du Jeu de Paume has logically become my target. The Museum is located in the building which used to be a ball-and-court games place at the corner of the Tuilleries gardens and by the Concorde square and the famouse Rivoli boulevard. 

The interior of the several floors building has an impressive modern design and it’s an ideal place for the photo and video art exhibitions. The space if well isolated for the sounds, after entering from a busy street life, you feel like in another world. sudek-02.jpgLights are soft and well regulated for the exposed photos and detail work. Attentive eyes of perfectionits will appreciate the titles of the photos written directly on the wall. Sudek exhibition is on the whole lower floor. On the upper floor there are small exhibitions. In order to absorb calmly your art impressions there is a pleasant coffee place.
sudek-03.jpgIn the exhibition you can see 130 photographies, borrowed from the Canadian National Gallery. It is a large selection of the author’s work. Sudek was able to work excellently with light, he liked Prague panoramas and the ambiance of the streets. For me personnally the Sudek’s photos are sad, dark, almost depressive. I prefer photographies with bright lights and colours, which are joyful.

Jan Schinko jr., Paristep

Info: Exhibition till September 25th, open every day except Monday from 11 a.m. till 7 p.m. Price of the ticket 10 eur, reduced 7,50 eur. Metro line n. 1, 8 and 12, stop Place de la Concorde.