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"Damned trinity" from Montmartre


montmartre-01.jpg"Damned trinity" or "diabolic trio" – were the nicknames that were given to the reknown painters from Monmartre. One night the painter André Utter found Maurice Utrillo completely drunk and so he took him home to his mother – the painter Suzanne Valadon. From an accidental meeting rose love, which did not care about the age difference between 23-years old André Utter and 44 years old Suzanne Valadon.

In spite of frequent disputes with Utter, in the years 1912-1926 in the Cortot street Suzanne lived her happiest years. In 1926 Suzanne and André broke up.
montmartre-02.jpgSuzanne Valadon was one of the first feminine painters. Her dream was to become an acrobat. A fall from trapeze made her girl dream impossible. She started to pose for the painters, she was a favourite model of Renoir and also of Modigliani. Her drawings and paintings concentrate around the topic of naked women, their intimacy of bath. She paints also still-lives and portraits. The violin case, with the wood of violin between the blue lining of the case and the red tissue is fascinating.
On the second floor of the museum you enter the world of Suzanne’s workshop, a room with glass roof, filled with light, a big wood closet, pallets, objects, the room looks if the painter just left from her work. "I paint people in order to get to know them". (Suzanne Valadon)
The love life of Suzanne was stormy, she had a short relationship also with the musical composer and pianist Eric Satie, who wrote her poems and called her "Biqui". Father of her son Maurice was unknown, but when her son was eight years old, Miquel Utrillo adopted him. Although Maurice Utrillo is an alcoholic for all his life, he paints a lot, even during his therapeutical stays, his favourite inspiration is Montmartre. He works behind a window with wire bars in order to prevent him from throwing out various objects. The light of his paintings reminds of Pissaro’s and Sisley’s style. He paints the banks of the Seine river, many places of Montmartre, the Saint-Pierre church, the "Lapin Agile" cabaret, the mill "Moulin de la Galette". Although in his paintings he is looking for the light, a heavy grey sky is typical for him.
"montmartre-03.jpgDiabolic rio" of the painters, thanks to which the Montmartre Museum "Jardins Renoir" lives through its past. It is more than just a museum. It is a place which belonged to the artistic life of Montmartre, a place at which even today you feel the ambience when Auguste Renoir painted in the garden a "Swing" and "Dance in Moulin de la Galette".
The Cortot street is only several steps from the square "Place du Tertre". The exhibition of three painters from Montmartre lasts till February 15th 2016.
Address: 12, rue Cortot. Metro: Line 12 station Abbesses or the line 2 station Anvers