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Life in Paris


Japanese Garden


jap-titul.jpgIn the west part of Paris, in Boulogne-Billancourt there is a piece of Japan. A piece of Japan as it was dreamed and realized by a banker Albert Kahn with his idea to confront at one place various sceneries of our planet. At the end of the 19th century Albert Kahn had quite a big fortune and his decision to settle down falls on the town Billancourt-sur-Seine.


The Street of the Fishing Cat


fishing-cat-0.jpg„La rue du chat qui pêche“ (The Street of the Fishing Cat) is situated in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, in the Sorbonne area. Quite often mentioned as the narrowest street of the city, it is 1,80 meter large and 29 metres long. It was created in 1540. The street was named successively „rue des Étuves“, „du Renard“, „des Bouticles“ and „rue Neuve des Lavandières“...


February in Paris has a smell of pancakes


palacinky-4.jpgYou turn a calendar page from January to February and suddenly all over France pancakes become a hot topic. In the morning you go to the bakery to buy a bread and on the front desk you notice a pile of fresh golden pancakes. On the teacher’s request, children go to the kindergarten with eggs, marmelade or sugar; in the agendas of the school children you find a recipe for pancakes. 


French Epiphany cake


kolac-titul.jpgEveryday life of the French, their traditions and seasons are reflected in the windows of the bakeries and pastry shops "boulangerie-patisserie". As soon as the Christmas time is finished, the pastries in the shape of a tree log "bûches" are replaced by golden round cakes from the flaky dough and almonds filling, "les galettes des rois" (the Epiphany cake). Let’s try to count them.


Curious facts from Saint Germain


saint-germain-04.jpgA planned Sunday walk in the Saint-Germain, with a professional guide Axelle, a young passionate in Paris and its history, begins of course in front of the Saint-Germain-des-Prés church. The first question that everybody wants to ask is "where does the name of Saint-Germain come from?" The Saint-Germain-des-Prés Abbey was established...


Christmas Paris


christmas-1.jpgChristmas in Paris is usually without snow, with million lights, creative holiday decorations of the shops windows, catchy melodies in the shops, people phrenetically walking in the streets and buying the perfumes, duck paté "fois gras", oysters, smoked salmon, sweet buns. Butchers sell the roasted cocks, quails, stuffed turkeys...


Taking photos in Paris


0-photo-jan-schinko-jr.jpgAlmost everyone who visits Paris wants to make nice pictures and take them home as a souvenir. This city is an ideal place for attractive photos, it offers so many different places that you can hardly find in other cities. Except the seaside and the mountain scenery you will find all the possible motives in Paris. Professional photographers have their own tricks how to obtain the best pictures. If you are not one of them...


Parisian school in an aristocratic mansion


clichy-0.jpgA public primary school in the street rue de Clichy, number 10 in the north of Paris is a normal school as many others, with 12 classes from the CP (first grade) to CM2 (5th grade). However it has a special feature, it is located in the premises of an aristocratic Wendel mansion built in the years 1856-1864.


Sunday walk at Montmartre


montmartre-titul.jpgA walk through quite places and narrow streets of Montmartre (with numerous stairs) in a company of a professional guide, historian and publicist, a Parisian expert, Michel Faul, starts at the exit of the metro station Abesses, after having climbed the winding staircase with 115 stairs. The name of the metro station comes from the abbots ("abesses" in French) from the nearby abbey of "Dames-de-Montmartre"...


Park in Sceaux


sceaux-1.jpgMajestic entrance through a fancy gate, in front of you castle approaching with each of your steps, large domain of nicely arranged gardens and forest, by the castle an open air coffee place, with beige sunshades, elegant osier chairs, freshly made pancakes and a good coffee, alley with the poster size photograph exhibition, white stone statues, with all of this and even more park in Sceaux is a pleasant noble place for rest or sports.

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