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Life in Paris


'Bateaux mouches' on the Seine river


bateaux-mouches-1.jpgYou want to enjoy Paris at night, to see its beauty in the reflections on the night lights, but you are too tired after having walked the whole day through the city and you search for a relaxing plan? An hour cruise on the Seine river, before or after a romantic dinner will not be a bad choice. Although they are known as 'bateaux-mouches', in translation 'fly-boats', they have nothing in common with the flies.


Spring in Jardin des Plantes


jardin-des-plantes-1.jpgFirst sunny Parisian weekend in the middle of April. The trees of the famous Parisian garden, only couple of steps from the Seine river, are blossoming and people are slowly walking with desire to warm up under the complex net of the sycamores‘ scrags. 


Parisian Kiss


musee-rodin-1.jpgSweet, exciting words full of love, whispered in the ear or shouted over the Seine waters, stolen and given kisses in the streets of Paris, in its coffee places, fast kisses in the metro, passionate on the bridges, in the hidden dark streets, under the ligts of the famous sights, anonymous kisses in taxis, lazy kisses in the parks, kisses on the caroussels bringing us back to the childhood.


Snowy Paris


1.jpgRomance, silence, excited photographers, exhausted bikers, slowly moving cars, crowds of not yet completely awaken people on the metro platforms, wet shoes, hungry sparrows and pigeons, children in the fur hats. For Paris snow is a holiday.


Passy – a bourgeois village


passy-2.jpgPhrenetic and magical excitement from Christmas season has fallen down, Paris has started the new year in a chilly rainy weather. The winter sales give the breath of optimism to the long month with still short grey days. As many other tourists, you will find yourself by the Eiffel Tower, you will walk to Trocadero and only couple minutes walk from Trocadero to the left you can get to the Passy quarter.


Traditional Poilâne bread


poilane-1.jpgFresh baguette is a world-wide symbol of France. No tourist in France will avoid a baguette with cheese and a bottle of red wine. Among Parisians, besides the baguette, the bread Poilâne keeps its pride of tradition and quality. And not only bread has made the name of Poilâne famous, their croissants and chocolate breads are delicious, the most buttery among the prestigious Parisian bakeries.


Gourmand Pleasures of Christmas


5.jpgDecember days of the Fair of Gourmand Pleasures (Salon Saveurs des Plaisirs Gourmands) at Porte de Versailles put the visitors into the mood of French Christmas. It was a 31st year of the Fair of Tastes, but this year’s topic was for the first time "Colours of Christmas holidays".


Christmas ice-skating in Grand Palais


brusleni-1.jpgMany exhibitions and shows in Grand Palais become even more special thanks to the glass roof with the nef. From December 13th till January 6th the surface of 1800 m² under the glass sky in Grand Palais in the heart of Paris has changed to a huge Christmas ice-skating place.


Beaujolais Nouveau Tradition


beaujolais.jpgIn the L’Orée du Parc with the plate of salami and smoked ham and a selection of cheese, with the glass of the new Beaujolais, we read the words written with a chalk on the black tablet "Drinking wine does solve the problems. This said, drinking water neither." "Beaujolais nouveau" is a Parisian special event, which coincides in dates with the American Thanksgiving holiday.


Street with a golden snail - Montorgueil


0.jpgParis is history, Paris is art, Paris is a mixture of world-wide cultures with a French accent, Paris is a  white sand-stone, goldened by sun rays. However, everything that Paris represents takes your mind, touches your heart, gets under your skin.


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