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Life in Paris


Saturday market under Montparnasse tower


a.jpgUnder the Parisian scyscraper Montparnasse at the Edgar Quinet market on sunny Saturday morning of the first autumn day we are welcomed by the 2011 champion of France in amateur cooking, Yvon Reyss. As is usual for France this charming man is a professional in his knowledge that he hands over to the others with passion and enthusiasm.


Aquarium CinéAqua at Trocadero


1.jpgThe weather is hot, but you are not at the seaside but in the center of Paris, on the sunny Trocadero. Besides the refreshment stands, you can decide for cooling down in the Aquarium CinéAqua located just several steps from the Eiffel Tower. You do not have to have a diving equipment and you witness incredible scale of about 10 000 fish of all kinds of shapes...


Transportation in Paris - metro


metro-paris.jpgTransportation is the issue that cannot be avoided in Paris. You cannot walk everywhere and after 2-3 days even the most enthusiast walkers get tired, or start to have some health problems. And so they cannot fully enjoy Paris the following days. I have witnessed this couple of times. That’s why I recommend from the beginning of your stay to use fully the means of the common transportation.


What to wear in Paris?


1.jpgA strange question? Everyone has his favorite clothes for traveling. The most important thing is comfort, of course. Convenience on the road affects our experience more than it seems, small shoes or clothes doesn´t only spoil your mood, but also your opinion on the place you´ve visited.


Hundred years old garden of roses


la-roseraie.jpgIn the centre of the little town L’Haÿ-les-Roses on the southern suburbs of Paris, in a large park with one hundred years old trees and a little wooden chapel, there is a unique garden of roses "La Roseraie" – the first garden of roses in the world.


Sunset under the Arc de Triomphe


sunset-paris.jpgTwice a year, in May and in August, during couple of days the most famous avenue in the world Champs-Elysées offers an exceptional view. Sun on its way of going down behind the horizont passes directly in the middle of the Arc de Triomphe. It says its farewell to the day between the impressive columns of the Arch.


Sunday market in Paris


sunday-market-in-paris-titul.jpgParisian markets belong to Paris and to the life of Parisians. If you do not go at least once a week to the market, do not choose at the morning market the freshest products, fish, cheese, vegetables or fruits for the Sunday lunch or dinner, do not participate in the humorous and serious discussion with the sellers at the market, you are not a complete Parisian.


What's the best time to visit Paris?


when-to-go-to-paris.jpgOften I get a question when it is the best time to go to Paris. It is not easy to answer. Probably the less interesting period is Easter. Half of Europe gets the idea to spend the longer Easter weekend in Paris. Full hotels, crowded streets, subway, museums, shops and restaurants, nervous staff and other unpleasant details.


Students world in Paris – Cité Universitaire


cite-universitaire.jpgTown in a city, or a Parisian micro-world of students from all over the world can also be the way to describe the quarter Cité Universitaire in the south of Paris. The fact that the students have in Paris their world with many dormitories, student canteens, libraries, theater, sport facilities is not suprising for the life in the city.


Birds Market on Ile de la Cité


titul.jpgClose to the „Palais de Justice“ on the island Ile de la Cité, on the square Louis-Lépine, only couple of steps from the impressive Saint Michel fountain you will notice the famous Plants and Flowers market (Marché aux Fleurs). This market has been part of Paris since 1808 and in its green metal houses offers various kinds and coulours of orchids, rhododendrons, cactuses, exotic plants and a lot of other flowers or gardening decorations.


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