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Life in Paris


Hot air balloon flight above Paris


titul.jpgIt is interesting to follow how the André Citroën Park in the 15th arrondisement of Paris has changed through years. Today it is a modern park on the bank of the Seine river, park, where water is omnipresent, creating pathes among the lawn spaces and pedestrian sidewalks, various cascades fountains, with two big glass-houses with exotic plants and trees.


The oldest tree in Paris


titul.jpgSeveral steps from the Notre-Dame Cathedral, close to the Latin Quarter, just by the old Anglo-Saxon bookstore Shakespeare and Company on the small square René Viviani there is a tree, that has already seen and heard a lot, a witness of several centuries history. It is very old, bent, supported by the concrete, covered with the ivy leaves, surrounded by the old buildings of the Latin Quarter.


Gardens and parks in Paris (1)


titul.jpgCompared to some other big cities, Paris is literally scattered with greenery and nature. Besides the traditional sycamores and chestnut trees which create the characteristic atmosphere of Parisian boulevards, we can find greenery in parks, gardens and other public spaces. There are plenty of them in Paris. France together with England and Netherlands belong in gardening to the most reknown countries in Europe


Parisian windows


titul.jpgWhy the windows of Parisian buildings are so different than anywhere else? Why do they fascinate? Probably because they reflect the beauty of the streets, avenues and boulevards, they reflect the branches and leaves of sycamores and chestnut trees and because they are part of architectural masterpieces of perfectly elaborated stone decorations of Haussmanian fasades.


View on the roofs of Paris


titul.jpgWhen sightseeing different places we like to look up for the occasions of the views from the birds perspective, we climb up different towers, churches, hills. We are driven by the will to overview the scenery, to have the feeling that we dominate the whole city, that it is under our feet, that everything else around us is so tiny.


Mademoiselle becomes Madame


titul.jpg„What do you wish Mademoiselle?“, „Can I help you, Mademoiselle“, „Mademoiselle, something has fallen out of your bag...“ Is it the end of this charming title in France? „Mesdomoiselles“ will become „Mesdames“, without considering their age and their marital status. In the admistration forms the term „mademoiselle“ is being suppressed as well as the information of the „maiden name“.


Montmartre - Villa Léandre


titul.jpgLegendary Parisian Montmartre, together with the Belleville quarter is one of the few places in the centre of Paris where the landscape reflects also the general atmosphere of the streets. The hilly landscape creates a specific character and it is a big bonus of this quarter. Structure of the streets and houses has arisen in a traditional slow historical development.


Choosing the right hotel


01.jpgMany friends planning to visit Paris often ask me what hotel (good and mostly cheap) I would recommend. Difficult question because we all have different preferences, interests, objectives and different life rythm. What some of us do not mind, or even like, the others might consider as unpleasant and disturbing. However, the city offers a large scale of accommodation capacities, from very modest ones to the luxury of the Ritz Hotel.


La Défense - Parisian Manhattan


01.jpgI keep asking myself why this modern part of Paris is so fascinating. Tall glass fasades of the skyscrapers have nothing in common with the historical beauty of Paris, wide spaces of esplanades contrasting with the buildings reaching for the sky, the grey coulour of which is just a little less boring with the hardly identifiable but colourful modern art statues.


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