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Aquarium CinéAqua at Trocadero


1.jpgThe weather is hot, but you are not at the seaside but in the center of Paris, on the sunny Trocadero. Besides the refreshment stands, you can decide for cooling down in the Aquarium CinéAqua located just several steps from the Eiffel Tower.

You do not have to have a diving equipment and you witness incredible scale of about 10 000 fish of all kinds of shapes, the brightnes of colours of which the nature brought to a perfection. Directly in the heart of Paris you touch with your eyes sea anemones, red coral reefs, little clown-fish (which have become known by all the children world-wide thanks to th2.jpge Disney story of Nemo), skates, moray eels and many others which the web dictionaries are not able to translate to English.

The curious part of the aquarium is the so-calles „tunnel des requins“ (shark tunnel) – when walking through the glass tunnels you have this strange feeling when the sharks swim right above your head, you almost feel like you are in the water with them. Only the feeling of not being wet makes you certain about the existing bareer between you and the sharks.

The water pool in which except many other fish swim 26 sharks is with its 3 mil3.jpglion liters of water the biggest in France. The sea life space offers also various pedagogical workshops and activities for children, dansing, 2 cinema rooms with several movies per day, one with the documentary movies on the sea life and the other with the selection of Disney movies. Each month new artists, painters, photographers show their art in the corridors of the aquarium.
At the end of your visit you cannot pass by without stopping at the „bassin des caresses“ (stroking pool) – the pool or pond in which you can put your hands and touch various fish, some of them come to touch you themselves.
And as it is the case with all the attractions, at the end there is a toys and souvenir shop where you it is difficult to explain to your children that really they do not need anything from the shop.
You get out full of impressions and emotions and you have to admit that it must be true that the CinéAqua Aquarium is the most beautiful in the whole Europe.
Practical information: although the entrance ticket is rather expensive (19 euro per person), if you are a group of at least 7 people the ticket is cheaper. For children and students the entrance is 12,50 euro.
Access: Metro - station Iéna (line 9), station Trocadéro (line 6 or 9), RER C Champs de Mars
Maria Dopjerova-Danthine, Paristep