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Hot air balloon flight above Paris


1.jpgIt is interesting to follow how the André Citroën Park in the 15th arrondisement of Paris has changed through years. Today it is a modern park on the bank of the Seine river, park, where water is omnipresent, creating pathes among the lawn spaces and pedestrian sidewalks, various cascades fountains, with two big glass-houses with exotic plants and trees, fountain with water jets attracting not only children during hot summer days.

In the 16th century there was a wind mill here, later it was a place for the vegetables sellers. A little later it became an isolated place with chemical factory, known as „Javel“, since from 1778 there was produced a familiar, used almost in every French household, cleaning product „l’eau de Javel“. In the 19th century the industrialization of the place continues with a new steel factory.

You are wondering how André Citroën is related to the 2.jpgpark? In 1915, during the World War I he established here a factory for munition, employing mostly women. In 1919 the factory production had to be re-oriented and so they started with the series car production, what was a first appearance in Europe. In 1935 after the death of André Citroën, the factory was taken over by the Michelin company. In 1975 the industrial space was changed to a park with various gardens and finally in 1992 it was open to the public.

Park itself is pleasant, but its biggest attraction for several years has been a hot air balloon, which shows the quality of air in Paris and to those who are not afraid of going up enables a unique view on Paris from the height of 150 m. The 360° view is to the distance of 40 Km. The Eiffel Tower in its orange metal beauty offered by the evening sun, the Seine river with its life of sailing boats, bridges, RER trains of the C line running on the river bank, in distance a tiny white Sacré Coeur church, metal and glass of the La Défense scyscrapers, gold3.jpgen dome of the Invalides and under your shaking feet the park lawns with hundreds, thousands of colourful people looking like ants. Baloon goes up according to the meteorological conditions, only when the weather is nice and there is no wind. The trip up in the air takes about 15 minuntes. The price for an adult is 12€ during weekends and holidays / 10 € on work days. 12/17 years old : 10 € during weekends and holidays / 9 € on work days, 3/11 years old: 6 € during weekends and holidays / 5 € on work days. Under 3 years it is free.

Maria Dopjerova-Danthine, Paristep


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