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Beaujolais Nouveau Tradition


beaujolais.jpgIn the L’Orée du Parc with the plate of salami and smoked ham and a selection of cheese, with the glass of the new Beaujolais, we read the words written with a chalk on the black tablet "Drinking wine does solve the problems. This said, drinking water neither."

"Beaujolais nouveau" is a Parisian special event, which coincides in dates with the American Thanksgiving holiday. At midnight of the third November Thursday the new Beaujolais is released t3.jpgo the world. According to the French law from 1985, "Beaujolais Nouveau" cannot be released on the market before the third November Thursday. More than a half of the crop, representing 60 million of Beaujolais bottles are sent from Paris to 110 countries all over the world and the main customer is Germany.

Tradition of Beaujolais Nouveau is celebrated not only in France, but world-wide. In spite of the fact that it is a wine that is being drunk beaujolais-2.jpgwithout aging, immediately couple of weeks after vintage and it is not really known for its quality, the tradition is strong also because it connects people in many countries. Thanks to the time change, the Japanese get to drink their first glass of Beaujolais before the French.

The French call it also "beauj", "beaujol"or "beaujolpif" ("pif" denominates the nose). The wine accompanies the best the pork meals, typically a plate of salami and smoked ham.

Many people wonder why Beaujolais Nouveau has become so famous? And especially in the United States where the consumption of red wine is less than 30%. According to the experts the taste of Beaujolais Nouveau resembles white wine. Similarly as the white wine it tastes better when it is chilled.

This year the daily newspaper Le Parisien mentioned the fact that even the Beaujolais Nouveau has been touched by the crisis during the last years, the French drink less wine.

However, November in Paris does not betray us. Each coffee place, brasserie, or restaurant spreads the good news: Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé!  (Beaujolais Nouveau has arrived!)

Maria Dopjerova-Danthine, Paristep






Photo NotreDame