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Birds Market on Ile de la Cité


titul.jpgClose to the „Palais de Justice“ on the island Ile de la Cité, on the square Louis-Lépine, only couple of steps from the impressive Saint Michel fountain you will notice the famous Plants and Flowers market (Marché aux Fleurs). This market has been part of Paris since 1808 and in its green metal houses offers various kinds and coulours of orchids, rhododendrons, cactuses, exotic plants and a lot of other flowers or gardening decorations.

However, many tourists do not know that once a week this markets becom1.jpges „marché aux oiseaux“ (Birds market). Already when you exit the metro station „Cité“ on the last steps you can hear joyful chirping of numerous kinds of budgies, canaries, colibris, or parrots. In the cages on the ground you can see also the hens, chicken, roosters and for 10 euro you can even buy a pigeon. Besides the birds there are aquariums with coulourful fish, hamsters, rabbits, or Guinea pigs, and also big bags with bird seeds.

And not only birds can be admired here. The birds market is an interesting2.jpg show of the birds cages as well. Ancient, classical, modern, metal, wooden, nicely shaped cages, in the background with the view on the Notre-Dame cathedral, give to the sunny Sunday with the birds twittering and talks of the birds sellers the right Parisian mood.

The experts are able to distinguish the specialized sellers, who know their birds, the big farmers who come here to sell their "excess", they also know that the small breeders can be found here mostly in the morning and they get more and more rare. The experts can also see that some of the birds have their wings cut so they do not fly too much in the cages.

When I was going home with children from the Birds market, my 3 years old son asked the elderly man sitting by his side in the bus, what is he carrying in his plastic bag. Before I managed to excuse my son‘s cheeky curious question, the man answered him that he has bought the bird seed for his budgies. And I had a feeling that his voice was full of emotions when he added that thanks to his birds he wakes up happy every m3.jpgorning and still laying in his bed he likes to listen the noice of his birds eating the honey bread crumbs.

If you search for the ideas what do to in Paris with children, the Birds market by the Notre-Dame cathedral proofs that Disneyland does not have to be the only choice.

Metro: Line n 4, station Cité. Birds market is open on Sunday from 8 a.m. till 7h30 p.m.

Maria Dopjerova-Danthine, Paristep


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