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Gourmand Pleasures of Christmas


1.jpgDecember days of the Fair of Gourmand Pleasures (Salon Saveurs des Plaisirs Gourmands) at Porte de Versailles put the visitors into the mood of French Christmas. It was a 31st year of the Fair of Tastes, but this year’s topic was for the first time "Colours of Christmas holidays".

One hundred artists-producers presented Christmas cooking news and ideas. Visitors stroll by the stands with a wide scale of tastes and gourmand original ideas, taste dried fruits, Spanish hams and salami, pieces of nougat and drink champaigne Gonet Sulcova Epernay or white wine from Burgundy region, Chablis from Dom2.jpgaine de la Tour. During this adventurous walk among the stands of professionals you discover a marmelade of Three Kings, consisting from figs dried in the sun, quince, pear, abricot, candied orange skin, dates, nuts, almonds, grapes, cinnamon and three types of spices which are held secret by Fan & Jicé Robin.

Colours of French Christmas and New Year’s Eve are in black truffles, amber caviars, pink or cream colour of duck liver "fois gras", or colourful macarons. During one hour a chef – champion of the French amateur cooking for the year 2011, Yvon Reyss shows us several recipes for holiday cocktail snacks.

The names of the topics of his classes reveal their contents "Day after Christmas: Detoxication Brunch", "Christmas meal with friends when you nibble till the morning", "Lovers meal: Refined passion menu".
He shows us the preparation of small blinis (shaped like small donuts) decorated with tarama (Turkish or Greek specialty from salt fish eggs) or with Nutella. For the preparation of the recipe you need 1 white full-cream joghurt, the same volume of flour, one e3.jpggg, a hint of salt and a yeasting. Five ingredients which need to be mixed fast in order to obtain a smooth dough substance. The advice of the chef is to let the dough cool down for one hour and then on the middle heat dose with a small scoop round blinis, which have to be returned as soon as the small bubbles start to appear on the surface of the blinis. The chef confirms with words what the clever gestures of his hands prove. Cooking is an artistic profession in which you have to be able to react to each situation. Blinis have to have slightly golden colour. We garnish them with tarama or Nutella, but you can let your fantasy free. They are also tasty with a sour cream, smoked salmon, olive spread, eggplant caviar or cheese with herbs.
The chef gives an important advice, the blinis have to be small enough so that ladies can put them easily to the mouth – an important aspect in French cooking. When the la4.jpgdy eats she does touch with the food the corners of her mouth and when she sips champagne her lips stay dry. Young Chinese girl scrupulously squeeze Nutella out of the plastic bag. The chef comments and tells her to stay with the head down by the blinis so that the garnish is exactly in the middle and nicely screwed. Each gesture is charming.
On the top of tarama he adds a little of caviar, what enriches not only the taste of the blinis but also makes them more colourful. While tasting, Yvon Reyss comments the result. You see they melt in your mouth, they are not dry, do not get cling to your tongue, they are not as 5.jpga concrete what happens often with the blinis bought in the supermarket. The objective is to have in your mouth a soft taste. And a glass of champagne with the blinis will refresh you.
After gourmand sins of the holiday meals he gives us an idea for a detoxicating, healthy recipe full of vitamins – „la soupe des fruits“ (fruit soup), small scoops are filled with raspberries and blackberries swimming in the cranberry juice and decorated by a spoon of soja joghurt. Maximum of vitamins, minimum calories, no sugar. Immediately you feel more in shape and ready for the most ambitious committments to the New Year. Let the Year 2013 be rich in tastes, smells, colours, experiences and nice people!
Maria Dopjerova-Danthine, Paristep

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