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Students world in Paris – Cité Universitaire


titul.jpgTown in a city, or a Parisian micro-world of students from all over the world can also be the way to describe the quarter Cité Universitaire in the south of Paris. The fact that the students have in Paris their world with many dormitories, student canteens, libraries, theater, sport facilities is not suprising for the life in the city. However, the Parisian uniqueness is that each dormitory building of the university campus is built in the architecture style of the country for the students of which it is determined.

And so in the large campus space, serving at the same time as a park for the 2.jpgpublic, you walk among the dormitories in the British style of the red bricks architecture, or the southern architecture for the dormitories buildings of Spain or Italy, Belgian dorm reminding a luxurious palace, Japanese dormitory cannot miss the numerous little roofs and the Swiss dormitory was designed by the well-known architect Le Corbusier.

The author of the university campus project in 1922 was André Honnorat and on the surface of 44 hectares started to be built dormitories, the number of which is today 41. Cité Universitaire, called by the Parisians also „Cité U“ acc3.jpgomodates 5600 students and research workers, representing 140 nationalities. A quarter of the residents are French.

Although the architecture of the buildings characterizes a particular country, the nationalities of the students are mixed in the dormitories, in order to help cultural exchange. For example, the Lebanese dormitory has to accept 30% of students of other nationalities and 30% of Lebanese students are accommodated in other dorm buildings.4.jpg

Parties, concerts, theater or danse performances, literary evenings, discos, sport events, dinners, barbecues, or simply studying and taking sun on the lawns...typical activities of students world-wide are in Paris concentrated in the Cité Universitaire – university campus, which offers to students and accidental visitors a trip all over the world.

Maria Dopjerova-Danthine, Paristep