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Choosing the right hotel


01.jpgMany friends planning to visit Paris often ask me what hotel (good and mostly cheap) I would recommend. Difficult question because we all have different preferences, interests, objectives and different life rythm. What some of us do not mind, or even like, the others might consider as unpleasant and disturbing. However, the city offers a large scale of accommodation capacities, from very modest ones to the luxury of the Ritz Hotel.

I personally do not recommend a very cheap accommodation somewhere in the suburbs (some places are not very safe in late evening hours) in the „tiny units“ of the Formula type etc. Common bathroom, showers are not the best thing for longer stays. You do not get a very good sleep among dirty walls which are thin as a paper and you hear all the noises from the neighbouring rooms. What you save on the „accommodation“, you will spend on tiring traveling by metro, bus or „RER“back and forth to the ce02.jpgntre of the city, and especially you will loose the most precious thing – your time! And you never have enough time in Paris.

Since all those years that I have been traveling to Paris, I have come to the conclusion of 3 most important criteria when choosing the right hotel. If you do not already have your favourite hotel, it is good to take into consideration LOCATION, and if it is CLEAN and QUIET.

LOCATION. Optimal is to live in the quarter, where you plan the most of your sightseeing, what is not always easy. The closer you are to the centre of Paris, the more expensive the accommodation capacities get, the number of available cheaper accommodation possibilities decreases and the need to reserve long in advance increases. It is quite important to be close to the metro station. The best is to have a metro station where several lines cross so you get faster to different par03.jpgts of Paris. Those less experienced make wrong choices for their sightseeing in Paris, not using optimally the dense network of all means of transportation.

From the point of the hotel location it is quite important to have some shops around. The possibility to go for a breakfast to the near bakery (it will always be more tasteful than breakfast served in the hotel), to be able to go to change yourself during the day, to put off your shopping bags etc., and in the evening to be able to go to the close supermarket to buy some food, those things will make your stay more pleasant and will save you a lot of time.

Another criterion for me is that the hotel is CLEAN. I consider the accommodation to be my temporary home in Paris, where I can rest and recharge my batterie04.jpgs for the following day or night ;-) I do not like to have a room full of whirling dust, old dirty bathroom, and unchanged towels or to share the room with various kinds of insects. When you search for your hotel on booking.com I recommend paying attention to the discussions and the feedbacks of the hotel guests. Read also between the lines, recently restaured hotel will be cleaner, than the marketing words of a long-years tradition of the satisfaction of our guests.

The third criterion, often forgotten is a QUIET environment of the hotel. Only few things will spoil your stay, rest, sleep and other hotel activities as much as creaking stairs, noises of shower, water or the noise from the street coming to you through badly isolated French hotel windows. It needs some experience or a good reference to be able to choose a quiet hotel, well isolated room and for a good price.

In general the price and location of the accommodation will tell you a lot.05.jpg I have always considered hotel as a service, in which the ration price/quality is important. So that for a good price I get a comfortable accommodation meeting my expectations and needs. It is true that you spend most of the time in Paris outside but it is quiet important to have a nice base where you return...

Jan Schinko jr., Paristep


Preview of picture in folder Paris street | Jan Schinko jr.