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Christmas ice-skating in Grand Palais


brusleni-1.jpgMany exhibitions and shows in Grand Palais become even more special thanks to the glass roof with the nef. From December 13th till January 6th the surface of 1800 m² under the glass sky in Grand Palais in the heart of Paris has changed to a huge Christmas ice-skating place.

Ice-skating ring is being used by the Parisians, but also by the tourists, by professional ice-skaters and also those who unexpectadly hug you with excusing comments that their ice-skating skills are not under control. Along the ice-ring edges the lovers embrace and kiss, take pictures. It brusleni-2.jpgis not possible otherwise, you are under the impressive dome of the Grand Palais, you listen to Holy Night Silent Night or Love me darling, you are in the heart of Paris, on ice, it is Christmas time.

The system of hiring the skates is practical. Although at some moments, especially on Sunday afternoon, already by the entrance you read the note that the waiting time for the skates is about 45 minutes, it is worth waiting and the renting of skates itself goes very fast. You take out your shoes, they change them for the skates with a number that serves at the same time as a ticket to get back your shoes. The service with the skates is pleasant and fast, without any time loss they greet each person, smile to everybody.brusleni-3.jpg

For small children there is a special surface where they can skate with plastic pinguins and pandas which help them to keep balance and not to fall down. Right by the ice-ring there is a coffee place called Café de la Glace (Ice Coffee), where after having returned the skates the young girls in the tights and boots sit, chat and sip the champaigne. Besides ice-skating, various shows and performances are held here during Christmas.

Do you know that the 35 metres high Christmas tree on the La Place de Concorde is the highest Christmas tree in Europe and the Christmas ice-skating ring in Grand Palais is the biggest ice-skating ring in France?

Entrance fee (hiring of skates is included) for an adult is 12 euro and for children 6 euro. Open daily from 10 a.m. till 9 p.m.

Maria Dopjerova-Danthine, Paristep



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