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January Paris


2015-1.jpgIn December, in the mood of Christmas holidays, with the taste of honey cookies and chocolates I planned to write about the Saint Denis basilique, about its marber royal tombs, how the kings have the statues of lions by their feet and the queens tombs are protected by the dogs statues, about the beauty of the statue of Marie Antoinette and the king Louis XVI., about the hot wine in the coffee place close to the basilique. I wanted to write about the Luxembourg garden on the first day of January, how the ducks naturally switch from their clumsy ice skating steps on the fragile ice to swimming in the icy water of the basin. How, in spite of the cold weather, people turn their faces to the January sun, how the garden is full of the green m2015-2.jpgetal chairs with people in wool coats and scarfs.

I wanted to write about the paintings exhibition of the Italian painter Le Pérugin in the Jacquemart-André museum, about his painting of Maria Magdalena, about the marbre statue of the little white girl playing with the doves.

In the first January days the shops filled in with the almond Epiphany cakes, people wished to each other „bonne année“, so that the new year is healthy, nice and good.

And then arrived the January 7th which changed the way and the mood of the young year 2015. This day and the following days took us through a horror that can be neither expected, imagined, nor understood.

People from various countries ask whether they should change their plans to visit Paris, hoping that these events have not killed the beauty of Paris. To this question we would like to say that the beauty of Paris cannot be humiliated, its charm cannot be overcome and its pride and defending their basic pillars „liberté, fraternité, egalité“ are after the last days even more admired by the whole world.

Paris lives, baguettes crunch, parfumes of women smell, beggars ask for money and musicians play in the metro. People go to work, children go to school, in the evenings and on weekends coffee teraces are full of people resting under the gas heaters. The souvenir sellers rattle with the coulourful eiffel towers, the smell of golden „crêpes » spreads in the streets and aching Paris takes the force to wish you a good and nice year year 2015.