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Parisian Kiss


musee-rodin-1.jpgSweet, exciting words full of love, whispered in the ear or shouted over the Seine waters, stolen and given kisses in the streets of Paris, in its coffee places, fast kisses in the metro, passionate on the bridges, in the hidden dark streets, under the ligts of the famous sights, anonymous kisses in taxis, lazy kisses in the parks, kisses on the caroussels bringing us back to the childhood, sensual kisses under the works of art in numerous galleries and museums.

Paris is a mosaic of kisses, which are governed by the marble Kiss of Auguste Rodin and with its white beauty, softness of muscles, gracefulness of shapes, sensuality and at the same time shyness the sculpture makes impressions on the senses of the vimusee-rodin-2.jpgsitors from all over the world. "Le Baiser" – the kiss of two characters from Dante‘s Divine Comedy, Paolo and Francesca, who were killed by Francesca’s husband after he surprised them in enlacement, and so the lovers got to the hell.

You will notice that the faces of lovers are not visible. You perceive the touches and harmony of bodies curves, almost shy man’s hand on the thigh of the woman, and passionate hand gesture of the woman, embracing the man. You have the impression that the hug and kiss initiative comes from a woman, the man looks slightly surprised.

The interior of the aristocratic manor house "Hôtel Biron", marbre, stone, bronze or onyx works of Auguste Rodin and his student Camille Claudel, garden scattered with statues, famous sculpture "Porte de l‘enfer" (Door to the Hell), sculpture "Shaddows", behind whicmusee-rodin-3.jpgh you notice the silhuette of the Eiffel Tower, omnipresent view on the golden dome of the Invalides – not only in Saint Valentine period is the museum one of the most beautiful Parisian targets.

The museum garden offers a possibility of a pleasant and delicious lunch or an afternoon tea or coffee time. The restaurant has a simple design and the food is so fresh and tasty that the tiny garden restaurant is not only a lunch destination for tourists but also for various working Parisians from the surroundings of the museum. And the luxury of Paris is that in reasonable prices there is included the view on the golden dome of the Invalides and the Eiffel Tower. In the menu there is always one warm meal, cheese quiche is excellent, soups delicious, rich selection of the fresh sandwiches and pastries, cappuccino is strong and nicely foamed. 

From June 8th 2012 till September 1st 2013 the sculpture "The Kiss" is relocated to the entrance building where is held the exhibition "Rodin, flesh and marbre". Because of the reconstruction works in the "Hôtel Biron" around 60 marbre statues and studies are exhibited in a separate room.

Metro: Varenne (line 13) or Invalides (line 13, line 8), RER (line C)

Maria Dopjerova-Danthine, Paristep