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Hundred years old garden of roses


la-roseraie-1.jpgIn the centre of the little town L’Haÿ-les-Roses on the southern suburbs of Paris, in a large park with one hundred years old trees and a little wooden chapel, there is a unique garden of roses "La Roseraie" – the first garden of roses in the world.

Especially during the spring months the garden is a universe of colours and smells, an infinite scale of shapes and constellations of the roses petals. 16 000 of the roses bushes represent 3 300 different types of roses. "La Roseraie" (translated as a "garden of roses") in the Vla-roseraie-2.jpgal-de-Marne region is a result of the passion of Jules Gravereaux, who hundred years ago asked the gardens designer, Edouard André to design for him a garden in his summer location, and his request was that the garden should be decorated only with roses. In 1899 Jules Gravereaux had no idea that he would the creator of the first garden of roses in the world.

The garden alleys coming together in the central part, called "the garden of the prettiest roses", are scattered with roses in the shape of climbing bushes, roses on long pedicels, roses decorating statues, pergolas, archs, columns or garlands. On the right side of the garden there are old species of roses: botanic roses, roses from the Far East, garden roses from the 19th century, on the left side there are contemporary species from France and other countries, from 1950 till today. The exceptional feature of the garden is recognized world-wide, it is mentioned also in the additional register of the historic sights. The queen of the May roses is a climbing rose 'Maigold' with a strong smell, the orange buds open into wide flowers (with the 9 cm diameter) and their yellow petals have golden borders.

When walking down the alleys among the roses, breathing the strong parfumes la-roseraie.jpgof the nature, wondering with amazement over the perfect choreographies and compositions of the petals of roses, you realize that the most beautiful roses with the most impressive shapes are often without the smell and also that the rose is the most beautiful in its promise of the beauty, when the bu dis just beginning to open, before it is fully deployed. Fully blooming rose is beautiful but the boundary when it will start to fade is very fragile.

Access from Paris: Metro line B station Bourg-la-Reine, then the bus 192 or 172, or the metro line 7, station Porte d’Italie, then the bus 184 (or 286 on Holidays).

Maria Dopjerova-Danthine, Paristep


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