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Sunday market in Paris


sunday-market-in-paris-1.jpgParisian markets belong to Paris and to the life of Parisians. If you do not go at least once a week to the market, do not choose at the morning market the freshest products, fish, cheese, vegetables or fruits for the Sunday lunch or dinner, do not participate in the humorous and serious discussion with the sellers at the market, you are not a complete Parisian. Cliché is maybe exaggerated, but not very distant from the truth. One of the senses of living of the French is the „art de table“ – art of dining and the way towards the table art goes through freshness, colours, variety and atmosphere of the morning markets.

2-hours cooking class organized freely by the town of Paris (La Mairie de Parissunday-market-in-paris-2.jpg) is done by the lady whose job used to be a commercial in the electronics and she decided to change her orientation to do something closer to her heart – cooking classes. I do not know how good she was in selling eletronics, but it is obvious that she has found herself in cooking, choosing good quality ingredients, knowing hundreds of details that make from the recipe a special meal and she is really a professional. She explains us with a passion that the season of the scallops „noix st jacques“ is from January till beginning of May, that they have to be cooked on the pan only for a minute, not longer, that you have to choose the middle core of the garlic in order not to have the strong garlic taste in the mouth, that the French beanssunday-market-in-paris-3.jpg have to pealed twice, that under the scallops „noix st jacques“ it is good to put a piece of a white sausage, that you should never combine in one recipe two „noble“ ingredients (like for example the duck liver „fois gras“ and the scallops „noix st jacques“). Under her directives we are creating the sauce from the pieces of onion, carrot, white wine, orange part of the scallops called „corail“), that from the cooked French beans, mixed garlic and cream you can make a delicious side dish....and she knows much much more. When listening to her advice my friend and I are astonished how much we ignore when we are cooking our meals and we are almost ashamed to say that we are both mothers of three kids.sunday-market-in-paris-4.jpg

People curiously stop by our cooking stand. An Italian man explains to his son in his native language what we are cooking, the man passing by puts down his bag, takes my knife and shows us how to cut the onion quickly in incredibly small pieces. The seller of the sweet breads and brioches shouts to his surrounding and invites people to taste the election chestnut cake. It is Sunday May 6th and the whole France is electing a President and impatiently make guesses if it will be Sarko or Hollande. People speak about the future of their country, but we are in France and on Sunday morning the priority is the quality and taste of the Sunday lunch.

Map of Parisian markets: http://marches.equipements.paris.fr/

Mária Dopjerová-Danthine, Paristep


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