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Sunset under the Arc de Triomphe


sunset-paris.jpgTwice a year, in May and in August, during couple of days the most famous avenue in the world Champs-Elysées offers an exceptional view. Sun on its way of going down behind the horizont passes directly in the middle of the Arc de Triomphe. It says its farewell to the day between the impressive columns of the Arch.

This event is always expected by the photographers from all over the world. In spring 2012 the fire ball goes down under the Arch de Triomphe from May 10th till May 13th.

Although in the past the architects on purpose were putting the stones of the constructions so that they coincide with the solstice, the buildings and sights the history of which is relatively recent are on the way of the sunset or sunrise accidentally.

As mentioned on the website www.futura-sciences.com, when you observe this phenomena, it is good to judge correctly the distance from the Arc de Triomphe. When you are too close, then the size of the Sun is too big compared to the Arc de Triomphe and doesunset-paris-2.jpgs enable you to have the right perspective. If you are too far away, then you seen the upper par of the modern „Grande Arche“ and it cuts the Sun circle.

Futura Sciences also indicates an interesting fact that „thanks to“ the pollution, as it happens also during the volcanic eruptions, the dust n the air coulours the sunsets to the red coulour. And it is interesting to know that couple of days later the same phenomena can be observed in the axe of the big channel of the Versailles castle.

Mária Dopjerová-Danthine, Paristep


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