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What's the best time to visit Paris?


1.jpgOften I get a question when it is the best time to go to Paris. It is not easy to answer. Probably the less interesting period is Easter. Half of Europe gets the idea to spend the longer Easter weekend in Paris. Full hotels, crowded streets, subway, museums, shops and restaurants, nervous staff and other unpleasant details. Similar dissapointment can be experienced on New Year’s Eve when a lot of tourists from all over the world come to Pa2.jpgris and there is disorder everywhere.

Personally I prefer summer. Thanks to the close seaside, Paris is not so hot and dry as many other places in Europe. Parisian greenery in the streets and parks creates a pleasant climate. The most ideal is August when most of the Parisians leave for vacation and the city is more peaceful and empty. In August there is the biggest number of sunny days from all months so the probability to be caught in the rain is very small.

It is often recommended to visit Paris in autumn. The idea of Paris in flowe3.jpgrs in spring should be precised, there are not so many types of bushes and trees in the parks and in the streets, their variety is quite limited. In spring, especially in May you have to count with the rain. Autumn months are more convenient, but they are recommended in every touristic guide. So for the hotels it is a peak season, also because of various fashion shows, fares or exhibitions and the prices are consequently higher. The city is in autumn more crowded than in spring.

If you want to enjoy Paris without tourists, without waiting lines in front if museums, monuments, choose winter. Winter in Paris is softer than in Northern, Central4.jpg or Eastern Europe, only exceptionally the snow stays here for couple of days. For my soul empty, dry and brown Parisian parks, squares and streets are not very pleasing, but those who prefer shopping, warm wine, heated terrasses of coffee places, museums or nights in the Parisian clubs and cabarets, it will be a paradise for them.

An interesting experience is the Christmas season. If you do not expect the same Christmas atmosphere as you know from your home co5.jpguntry, you will not be dissapointed. Local people are more welcoming towards tourists, decorated streets and lights have magical atmosphere. At many places there are traditional markets, the mood is joyful.

However, for me the most optimal time for visiting Paris has been summer! Sitting with a relative or a friend on the warm bank of the Seine river during the long summer evenings has no competition. Good cheese and wine, the background tones of the songs traveling on the waters of the Seine, produced by the musicians, sunset by the Eiffel tower, sailing lighted boats, soft wind in the sycamores leaves, this can be enjoyed the best in the summer months...

Jan Schinko jr., Paristep


Preview of picture in folder Paris street | Jan Schinko jr.