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Parisian windows


1.jpgWhy the windows of Parisian buildings are so different than anywhere else? Why do they fascinate? Probably because they reflect the beauty of the streets, avenues and boulevards, they reflect the branches and leaves of sycamores and chestnut trees and because they are part of architectural masterpieces of perfectly elaborated stone decorations of Haussmanian fasades, because there are flowers, plants and trees in front of them, because they communicate with the sun and their dark glasses contrast with the sandstone white of the buildings. Behind their glasses, or white metal stores there is this unknown, reality created by our fantasy.2.jpg

For couple of seconds you get to this unaccessible world behind Parisian windows for example when traveling with the metro line 6, or RER B between the station Cité Universitaire and Denfert-Rochereau, or when you walk through „Coulée Verte“ (4,5 km long walk in the greenery, from the Bastille square to the Bois de Vincennes park), when your eyes are on the level of windows, balconies and you look directly to the apartments, offices, you steal a tiny fraction of the others‘ privacy, you bring inside of you the atmosphere which does not belong you. Or try to raise up your eyes, when you walk old quiet streets or wide noisy boulevards and discretely imagine the world behind the fragile glass border separating the privacy that we guard so preciously from the external world, in which we are exposed to the merciless djungle of looks, critics, judgments and dispraises.

Parisian windows will tell you a lot about Parisians.

Maria Dopjerova-Danthine, Paristep


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