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Coffee Places & Restaurants


Closerie des Lilas Bar


bar-closerie-des-lilas-1.jpgTourists, as well as the Parisians, in the evenings or lazy afternoons look for the typical, the most Parisian, the most charming and nicest coffee places, restaurants and bars. The criteria are demanding, all tourists wish the place to be typically Parisian and not touristic, to find there French customers, an interesting...


Coffee place Gaudeamus in Paris


gaudeamus-1.jpgIn the Latin Quarter, behind Panthéon, only couple of steps from the Saint-Etienne du Mont Church, which besides its history, has become famous also by the scene from the romantic comedy of Woody Allen „Midnight in Paris“. On the stairs of this church the young writer was searching for an inspiration at midnight. Green fasade, two worn green chairs in front of the coffee-restaurant „Gaudeaumus“,


Café de Flore, Paris


cafe-de-flore-1.jpgOn one of the most expensive, longest, most famous streets in Paris, on the Saint-Germain boulevard, two coffee places – restaurants compete in their reputation. Both of them "Les Deux Magots" and "Café de Flore" belong to the history of Paris. In the heart of Paris, on Saint-Germain, boulevard which is a prototype of the Paris charm...


Cheese specialties in Paris


01.jpgEven in freezing weather Paris is attractive and is welcoming the tourists. However, the strolls on its boulevards, hidden streets and sights have to be more often compensated with warm places. And even in this aspect Paris offers endless possibilities. In freezing days, we have the tendency to feel less guilty to eat more caloric food.


Pastry named „Marvelous“


merveilleux-titul.jpgAt some places in Paris you can find yourself in front of a fancy patisserie with the name "Au Merveilleux de Fred". The address is worth to be noticed, especially by the gourmets. The sweetshop is at the same place as the production place and while getting oriented in the attractive selection of fragile roundly shaped pastries, filled with light cream.


Josselin – the best "crêperie" in Paris


1.jpgWe have already written about the quarter around the Montparnasse scyscraper which is known also for the number of crêperie restaurants. Now, we wish to mention the best one. And it is not only our opinion, but when you make a research on google for the best crêperie in Paris, you will certainly get the result „La crêperie Josselin“.


Dining room Rivoli in Paris


rivoli-titul.jpgWhen you are in the centre of Paris, close to Louvre, and you would like to eat quickly and cheap, then you can go to the Rivoli.fr dining place. This typical self-service canteen is located on the street rue de Rivoli number 206, in front of the metro exit station Tuileries.

Drink by the Mitterand library


5.jpgIn August, when Paris is emptied from Parisians, when the banks of the Seine river live in a beach atmosphere, when the men go to work without the ties, when many small shops and butiques are closed, when you have no problem to park in the center of the city, ...also the evenings after work and the weekends have are in a holiday mood.


Best ice-cream in Paris


ice-paris.jpgAfter cold June the summer finally came to Paris and together with summer the hot topic what are the good ice-cream addresses in Paris. As well as bakeries or pharmacies, you can find plenty of ice-cream stands in Paris. But which of them are worth stopping by?


Coffee in Paris


cafe.jpgCoffee is ubiquitous in Paris and often even confirmed foe of this fragrant delicacy doesn´t resist and sits down for a while. But is it not as easy as it seems to order coffee in Paris... Most of Central Europeans are amazed after ordering their first "café" - it is small, strong and there´s no „extra little milk“.


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