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Coffee Places & Restaurants


The oldest coffee place in the world


laprocope1.jpgCouple of minutes walking from the Saint Michel fountain you can sip the Parisian coffee at the place which used to be visited by the world-known philosophers of the 18th century, place where Benjamin Franklin worked on the American Constitution, where used to come the personalites such as La Fontaine, Anatole France, Voltaire, Balzac, Hugo, Verlaine...simply the literary soul of Paris.


Weekend brunch


brunch.jpgParis is trendy, and in the last years the weekend brunch has become one of the recent tendencies of young Parisians. The origin of the English word brunch connecting breakfast and lunch in many countries is scheduled for the late morning hours. In Paris the brunch time moves to noon or even afternoon hours.


Montparnasse – the world of pancakes


montparnasse.jpgUnder the Parisian notion of Montparnasse you do not have to imagine only the ugly dark scyscraper, disturbing almost every view on the city. Montparnasse is also the world of „crêperies“ – plenty of tiny typical French Brittany pancakes places.


Easter bells come to Paris


titul.jpgIn France Easter holidays, besides the Christian traditions, are about chocolate. We have just had the time to forget the full Christmas tables with special dishes, to lose the kilos gained from Christmas chocolate, and it is time of the Easter bells coming from Rome filled with chocolate eggs. And children with baskets and bags in their hands hunt for the eggs in the gardens and parks.


Tea room by Louvre


titul.jpgEven the biggest lovers of art must admit that the visit of Louvre is exhausting. You get tired by walking through numerous halls, by emotional experience, all the beauty must be processed and absorbed. Of course, Louvre offers the possibilities of refreshment.


Les Deux Magots


1.jpgCoffee-restaurant place „Les Deux Magots“ can be an interesting stop in your Parisian stralls because of several reasons. The first reason of its attractiveness is that it is located directly in front of the old church Saint-Germain. The second reason is that it is one of the oldest Parisian coffee places with a rich litterary history.


Following the steps of Amélie from Montmartre


2.jpgThe coffee place where Amélie Poulain worked „Café des 2 moulins“, located on one of the climbing streets under Montmartre, street Lepic, gives the impression to be too spaceful for the Parisian norms. It seems that by being so large it looses something of its intimacy which so typical for Parisian coffee places.


Café or thé gourmand


img_2461_180.jpgIn the menus of many Parisian coffee places and restaurants you will notice among the desserts a „café gourmand“ (gourmand coffee) or a „thé gourmand“ (gourmand tea). Maybe you will imagine a big cup of coffee with nice foam and whipped cream or a big pot of the Earl Grey tea.


Café-Restaurant Louis Philippe and a piece of the Eiffel Tower


img_2407.jpgWalking under the plane trees of the Seine quais, between the Marais quarter and the Notre-Dame cathedral, you will get attracted by the green and ivory colours of the fasade of the Café-restaurant Louis Philippe. This charming place is part of Paris since 1851. It is a type of Parisian coffee place as we know them from the French movies. .


Valentine in Paris


01.jpgWith the approaching date of Saint Valentine’s Day, in spite of all those sayings that we do not care about this commercial holiday and that the loving men are so nice and attentive that they bring roses to their loves any other day, but on Valentine, let’s admit that all of us we kind of unconsciously search for romance in this time of the year.


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