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Coffee Places & Restaurants


Guide to the Parisian coffee


kava-1.jpgPeople come to Paris because of the Eiffel Tower, fashion and coffee. A coffee as a break during long hours walks on Parisian boulevards, coffee as a pretext for hours spent at the teraces under the red sunblinds, the best place to follow the life of the city. Coffee which will wake you up to the Parisian morning.


Sunday in Paris


paristep-nedele-1.jpgBy the Seine river, close to the church Saint-Gervais Saint-Protais there is a coffee place „Le Café Louis Philippe“ with an old staircase, a relic of the initial stairs from the Eiffel tower. And by the Saint-Germain boulevard there is a coffee place with a part of the fortification from the 13th century, which was built around Paris by the king Philippe Auguste.


Paris under your feet


raphael-paris-1.jpgThere are plenty of views on Paris, on the whiteness of its buildings and the red chimneys popping out of the roofs, on the windows of the attic rooms, known as „chambres de bonne“ (rooms for the servants). There are some well-known views, recommended by the tourist guides, many of those that you can see only thanks to the visits of the private apartments


Winged Ant by the Notre-Dame Cathedral


valentyn-1.jpg"I would like to tell myself a nice short unbelievable story" (Je voudrais me raconter à moi-même une jolie petite histoire invraisemblable.) is written on the wall in the cozy restaurant – tea room named "La Fourmi Ailée" (Winged Ant) with a figurine of a big winged ant in the window. With the approaching holiday of red hearts and loving looks, we search for a place...


Coffee paradise by Hôtel de Ville


coffee-titul.jpg"La bibliothèque" means library in French. A pleasant space with lots of books. "La Caféothèque" will be then a coffee place. A place with plenty of coffee beans, big heavy linen bags, from all over the world, with many types of coffee, a drink menu offering coffee specialties which make you hesitate for a long moment.




angelina-paris-1.jpgAutumn has quitly turned from Indian summer to a chilly cold weather, when in spite of wool coats and typically Parisian big scarfs, the cold gets under your skin, to your bones. And to warm up your steps in Paris get faster and already after a couple of hours walk subconsciously you look for the warmth of the coffee places.


Summer evenings by the Notre-Dame


1.jpgYou walk from the Cathedral Notre-Dame through the small bridge "Pont au Double", you get down to the Seine river and find yourself on the ideal place for a summer evening. Several anchored boats, as the French call them "les péniches", offer a pleasant sitting with a soft swinging on the waves of the Seine. In spite of the fact that you are in the very heart of Paris...


Coffee place Lenôtre on Champs-Elysées


lenotre-3.jpgPrestigious restaurant and coffee place "Lenôtre" is located in a creamy building with stone decorations in the "New Art" style on the number 10 of the Champs-Elysées avenue, neighbouring with the presidential palace Elysées. Lenôtre is world-famous pastry cook and represents a term that does not need any explanation in France. Lenôtre belongs to a general culture.


Cup of tea by Jardin des Plantes


3.jpgTo go for a cup of tea to the "Mosquée de Paris" is one of the trendiest Parisian plans. You will find calm exotics here, something special and at the same time with good prices, place to rest but at the same time let your eyes stroll on the details of the Moorish architecture style. "Café de la Mosquée de Paris" is close to the „Jardin des Plantes“ gardens and it is pleasant to combine the walk...


Cocktails from the babies bottles


zero-conduite-1.jpgParis at night, quarter by the Saint-Germain Church, narrow street rue Jacob, number 14, fasade of the tiny bar named "Zero conduite" – in translation "Bad mark for conduct". The inside space is cozy, small, about 7-8 tables, but the owner manages to seat everybody who opens the doors to this unusual bar.


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