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Pastry named „Marvelous“


merveilleux-1.jpgAt some places in Paris you can find yourself in front of a fancy patisserie with the name "Au Merveilleux de Fred". The address is worth to be noticed, especially by the gourmets. The sweetshop is at the same place as the production place and while getting oriented in the attractive selection of fragile roundly shaped pastries, filled with light cream (although its caloric lightness can be discussed), at the same time you are looking directly at the production, how the pastries are being put on the baking tin, how they are put to the oven.

Interior of the patisserie in the street Saint-Charles is elegant, light, with the merveilleux-2.jpgcombination of cream colour and black items and on the wall the following inscription of the short history of this pastry gets your attention: "In the years 1784-1798 the mundane life takes over. The known ladies, such as Madame Récamier, Madame Tallien open the saloons, which become the places where the new elegance meets: "Les Merveilleuses" (Marvelois) "Les Incroyables" (Incredible). These are young people, who, in order to opose to the vulgarity of extreme Republicans in the French revolution, look up excentric features in their manners. They omit the letter "r" in the usage of French language."

The selection of flavours is rich, praline, chocolat, coffee, cherry and the namemerveilleux-3.jpgs of the two most famous ones are "Le Merveilleux" (Marvelous) and "L’Incroyable" (Incredible). "Le Merveilleux" has a cream core wrapped in the whipped cream with chocolate flakes, powdered with sugar and decorated with the whipped cream and "L’Incroyable" has crispy and rich cream core wrapped in the whipped cream with the flavour of speculos biscuits and is powdered with the white chocolate flakes.

The author of this miraculous recipe is Frédéric Vaucamp, who graduated from the prestigeous cooking school Lenôtre. The recipe was invented in the city of Lille in the north of France and is being improved since 15 years. And since couple of years even Parimerveilleux-4.jpgs has the privilege of this "Marvelous" gourmand experience. Many Parisians proudly leave these pastries shops with nice paper boxes filled with special cakes, on special events or on ordinary days which thanks to the pastries become extraordinary.

Besides the "Merveilleux" and "Incroyable" pastries you are also at a good address for tasty crunchy sweet breads, croissants and Flamish wafres. What is tasty is often fragile, attractive on sight, pleasant in colours, according to some light and airy, according to other sinfully caloric… as is Paris itself.

Adresses of pastries „Au Merveilleux de Fred“ in Paris: 129 bis, rue Saint-Charles, 75015 Paris. 29, rue de l’Annonciation, 75016 Paris. 7, rue de Tocqueville, 75017 Paris. 

Maria Dopjerova-Danthine, Paristep