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Montparnasse – the world of pancakes


montparnasse-1.jpgUnder the Parisian notion of Montparnasse you do not have to imagine only the ugly dark scyscraper, disturbing almost every view on the city. Montparnasse is also the world of „crêperies“ – plenty of tiny typical French Brittany pancakes places. Each of them with its originally designed and decorated interior, each of them with its secret recipes of salty „crêpes from wheat flour“ and sweet „galettes from the dog-tail flour“. „Crêperies“ are concentrated especially in the streets „rue de Montparnasse“ and „rue de Gaieté“.

Website „Ty Breiz“ explains us the history of the crêpes. In the Middle Age peoplemontparnasse-2.jpg did not eat bread but „flan“ or „galette“. The first recipe for the crêpes, consisting of the wheat flour, eggs, water, salt and wine, appears in France in 1390. The pancakes were done on butter and were sprinkled with sugar before being served. The cereal dog-tail came to Europe in the 15th century and to the French Brittany in the 16th century. The pancake from the wheat flour appeared about hundred years ago. The dough is done with eggs and milk and you add sugar and sometimes also rhum or the cider.

When looking on internet for the best crêperies in Paris at least three names from the streets around the Montparnasse tower will jump out : Les Cormorans, Le Josselin and Le Petit Josselin. In the lunch and dinner time and especially on weekends you need patience when waiting for the free table, or better reserve in advance. Anyway it is worth being persistent. Better pancakes you will find only on the windymontparnasse-3.jpg coasts of the French Brittany. The crepe with the sliced chive and little pieces of the leak with cream is beaten only by the dessert – the sweet pancake with cooked apples, cinnamon, sliced almonds and a glob of vanilla ice-cream. All of this accompanied by the fresh bubbles of the apple cider poured to the bowls from the ceramic pitcher.

You are in Paris and somebody suggests you for the evening „On se fait une crêperie à Montparnasse?“ Do not refuse and do not replace the suggested plan by other program. 

Maria Dopjerova-Danthine, Paristep
Map of restaurants crêperies in the Montparnasse area:

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