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Cup of tea by Jardin des Plantes


1.jpgTo go for a cup of tea to the "Mosquée de Paris" is one of the trendiest Parisian plans. You will find calm exotics here, something special and at the same time with good prices, place to rest but at the same time let your eyes stroll on the details of the Moorish architecture style.

"Café de la Mosquée de Paris" is close to the "Jardin des Plantes" gardens and it is pleasant to combine the walk through the colours and orchester of the flowers, trees and plants of the garden 2.jpgwith the break in this oasis. Take a break with sweet mint tea served on the small blue mosaic tables, observing the flying sparrows who occupy not only the outside terasse but also the inside room of the tea room.

The place is favourite especially among young people, the low prices of tea and cakes are part of it. For each cup of tea and each oriental cake you pay only two euros, that’s one of the reasons why it is so difficult to get limited in their number.

The tea-room looks like no other in Paris. By the Museum of Natural Science you cross the street, walk under a nice alcove and you will find yourself in the fairy-tale full of colours, on the terasse of the Moorish style. You hesitate whether you want to stay on the terasse, the charm of which will get to all your senses, or whether you want to go inside where the flying birds happily land on the beautiful oriental chandelier. The inside room is emptier but the terasse has more ambiance3.jpg. Although, especially on a sunny day, it is quite difficult to find a free table, with a bit of luck and couple of minutes waiting you will manage to get one.

Waitors walk permanently around the tables with a plate full of small cups of traditional sweet mint tea. If you wish a cake to accompany the tea, you have to go to buy it inside, waitors serve only the drinks. Let’s mention at least some of the names of those oriental cakes, shown in the big glass show-case: "cornes de gazelle" (gazelle‘s corns), "baklawa", "mamoul". All these oriental cakes are very sweet, full of honey, nuts, almonds and fruits parfumes.

As the French say "à tomber par terre", one would fall down from this delicious taste. The tea-room is open daily, from 9 a.m. till midnight.

Address: 39 rue Geoffrey Saint-Hilaire

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