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angelina-paris-1.jpgAutumn has quitly turned from Indian summer to a chilly cold weather, when in spite of wool coats and typically Parisian big scarfs, the cold gets under your skin, to your bones. And to warm up your steps in Paris get faster and already after a couple of hours walk subconsciously you look for the warmth of the coffee places.

You are in Paris and you wish to have a pleasant experience from the moment of taking your coffee, cake or a hot chocolate, or you are a Parisian and you would like to turn your Sunday into a holiday. Let’s opangelina-paris-2.jpgt for one of the Parisian cafés or tea-rooms named Angelina.

Angelina is a notion that belongs to Paris since it perfectly embodies the French art of living and the art of enjoying the present moment. Behind the beautiful name there is a daughter-in-law of the Austrian pastry cook Antoine Rumpelmayer, who in 1903 established this tea-room. Since its very beginning Angelina has become the favourite place of Parisian aristocracy and for exemple Coco Chanel was one of its guests.

The king of the refined perfectly designed and incredibly tasteful pastries is the cake with the name "Mont Blanc" – a combination of cream, light whipped cream and chestnut cream in the shape of thin noodles. In the tea-room located in the street Rivoli daily 600 of them are sold. The inevitable part of the offer are the "financiers", chocolate "éclairs", a crispy apple cake „tarte facon titin“ and of course colourful macaroons. On the occassion of 110th anniversary of the „Angelina“ brand and in order to remind its Austrian orangelina-paris-3.jpgigin, the pastry cooks got inspired by the traditional Vienna Sacher tart and created the cake named Angeline. Angeline combines the chocolate strength with subtility of caramelized pears. The result is a small sin after which you will not feel guilty. At the occassion of opening the new tea-room on Rive Gauche, Angelina gives an honour to the Parisian part "Sèvres Babylone" with its new creation – cake named "Babylone", a combination of fresh red berry fruits with light vanilla foam. The result, cannot be otherwise, is a gourmand elegance.angelina-paris-4.jpg

Although their cappuccino or tea are an unforgettable experience, people go to Angelina for tasting a hot chocolate, that is produced according to the traditional procedure and served with a little bowl of a whipped cream. And when you add to it one or two small macaroons, even in November you will have a small Christmas.

Addresses of Angelina tea-rooms in Paris:
- 226 rue de Rivoli, Paris
- Musée du Louvre, Aile Richelieu, Café Richelieu, Paris
- 19 rue de Vaugirard, Paris 6ème
- 1er étage mode femme, 40 boulevard Haussman, Paris 9ème
- 108 Rue du Bac, Paris 7ème
- Palais des congrès, 2 place de la porte Maillot, Paris 17ème
- Jardin d’Acclimatation – Bois de Boulogne, Paris 16ème
- Château de Versailles, 1er étage du Pavillon d’Orléans
- Parc du Château de Versailles, Petit Trianon, Versailles
- Source of information: angelina-paris.fr  

Maria Dopjerova-Danthine, Paristep