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Winged Ant by the Notre-Dame Cathedral


valentyn-1.jpg"I would like to tell myself a nice short unbelievable story" (Je voudrais me raconter à moi-même une jolie petite histoire invraisemblable.) is written on the wall in the cozy restaurant – tea room named "La Fourmi Ailée" (Winged Ant) with a figurine of a big winged ant in the window. 

With the approaching holiday of red hearts and loving looks, we search for a place that will take us out of our everyday tracks. Someone will opt for a restaurant with a view on the lighted Eiffel Tower, someone will decide for anvalentyn-2.jpg evening with a bottle of champaign under the heaters of the coffee place listening to the musicians on the square Place Colette, someone will order a heart shaped cream cake from Fauchon, someone will find a diamond ring on the bottom of the glass with sweet Sauternes.
And someone will open the door of the "Winged Ant" with a joyful blue fasade, facing the Notre-Dame Cathedral, neighbouring with the square René Viviani, which is dominated by the oldest tree of Paris. You will find yourself in the old library atmosphere, with a wooden ladvalentyn-3.jpgder enabling to reach for higher shelves, in the cozy room with a fire-place, inscriptions and paintings on the walls and the ceiling with a motive of a sunny sky. Typical French meals, fresh salads, quiches, wild boar meat with pasta, a vegetable soup, veal with the cream sauce or peppers stuffed with rice and meat. And to sweeten up your meal „a gourmet coffee or tea“ accompanied by delicious fresh pastries with blackberry jam.
Smiling staff welcomes everybody who enters in spite of the fact that the room is already full. The proof of the quality and friendly ambiance, without the Parisian snobism, avalentyn-4.jpgre the groups of friends or individuals, loyal clients who like to come for a not expensive holiday lunch. Two ladies "d’un certain âge" - of a certain age which is irrelevant, meet here for a lunch date. Observing their elegant slim figures, big plates with steaming "pot-au-feu" (cooked beaf with vegetables) look unproportional.
The street in which the restaurant is located "rue du Fouarre" was established in the 13th century on the place of the first Parisian University and its name comes from the word "feurre" (straw). Students, while listening to the lectures, were sitting on the pile of the straw. In 1535 the Parisian Parliament ordered to put the gates at the beginning and at the end of the street so that the lectures are not disturbed by the carriages.
In Paris you will find everything, because Paris is neverending. Behind the blue fasade in the Latin Quarter you have a possibility to choose among 34 kinds of tea and a book that attracts your attention in the restaurant library. A smelling tea, a good book, flames in the fire-place and you have a perfect Valetine in Paris.
Address: 8, rue du Fouarre 5éme Paris. Metro: Saint-Michel or Maubert-Mutualité.
Maria Danthine, Paristep