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Cocktails from the babies bottles


zero-conduite-1.jpgParis at night, quarter by the Saint-Germain Church, narrow street rue Jacob, number 14, fasade of the tiny bar named "Zero conduite" – in translation "Bad mark for conduct". The inside space is cozy, small, about 7-8 tables, but the owner manages to seat everybody who opens the doors to this unusual bar.

Coats, hats, scarfs, bags are put under the lid of the wooden benches on which you are sitting. Service is done by the owner and a young guy in his 20-ies who take friendly attitude to the customers and explain the principlezero-conduite-2.jpg how to choose from the drink menu decorated with the comics figures. All the cocktails (with and without alcohol) have names of the comics heroes. When choosing a drink you have to draw the comics hero on the tablet (the same as the children use at school for practising writing). And so we hesitate and choose according to what we wish but also according to the fact which comics hero we are able to draw. After some compromises we give out our tablets with the sketches of non-identifiable drawings. Obviously the service is experienced in decoding and in the comics world, because after a quick sight he identifies Marsupilami, Popeye, Peter Pan, Castafiore or Scoubidou.zero-conduite-3.jpg

Above the bar desk there is a screen with the comics movies going on. Our cocktails are brought in the glass babies bottles, exactly the same our kids used for drinking their milk. Before putting them on the table he cleans them with the towel, first „sips“ from the rubber nipple are uncertain, we find ourselves ridiculous, we think of our children, a friend comments that he should have brought his son. However, quite quickly drinking from the baby bottle becomes natural. Now I understand why the babies get so tired after having drunk the bottle, it takes an energy to drink through a tiny hole in the nipple, especially when it is a drink that you are used to drink by generous sips.

Examples of drinks from our order: "Castafiore" (strawberry and blackberry liqueur, grapefruit juice and the lime juice), "Peter Pan" (coconut punch, banana liqueur, lime juice and a blue caracao), "Popeye" (coconut punch, peach liqueur, fruit juice), "Snoopy" (white rum, raspberry juice).

Together with the drinks you can order a bowl of candies "Tagada strawberries" or lollypops and for free (more precisely not free but for the word "merci") they offer various games. During the evening Vincent (the waiter) comes with a plate and three dices, and suggests that if we manage to throw the same number as he does, we win "la sucette" (a lollypop). Of course, in the country of D.S. Kahn you cannot avoid the ambuiguites of the word "sucette".

The Bar opens at 8h30 p.m., if you want to be sure to have a place, better reserve (tel:

Maria Dopjerova-Danthine, Paristep