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Weekend brunch


brunch1.jpgParis is trendy, and in the last years the weekend brunch has become one of the recent tendencies of young Parisians. The origin of the English word brunch connecting breakfast and lunch in many countries is scheduled for the late morning hours. In Paris the brunch time moves to noon or even afternoon hours. People sleep late in the morning, skip breakfast and get ready to one of the Parisian restaurants offering Saturday or Sunday brunch, the menu offer that does not exist on the work days.

Brunch for an adult person in the restaurant „Le Temps des Olivades“ consists of French breakfast combined with tasty lunch. Olive oil is the omnipresent symbol obrunch.jpgf the restaurant. On Sunday noon behind the big tables from the massive wood people sit relaxed, not yet completely awaken, young lovers, mother with her adult daughter or the couple with their 1-year old baby come here to enjoy the long gourmand meal, talk and enjoy the Parisian Sunday.

The brunch rite starts with a freshly squeezed orange juice. It continues with gaspachio – refreshing cold tomato soup and the main point of the „brunch“ program is the plate with quails on honey and tyme, smoked Serrano ham, baked potato filled with meat, egg plant caviar, cucumber salad, pieces of artichokes on pesto sauce and the home-made bread.brunch-2.jpg

The feast is still not finished. It is toppled with almand-chestnut cake and the warm dring you choose: coffee, tea or a dense hot chocolate, with its taste reminding more a puding than a classical hot cocoa drink. The offer for children is also interesting: either the children pizza or salmon with vegetables and together with it also juice, cake and hot chocolat drink. You are getting off the table with a feasible committment that you do not need any feed till lunch of the next day.
Address of the restaurant „Le Temps des Olivades“: 192, rue de Tolbiac, 13brunch-3.jpg. arr.; Price of the adult brunch: 23 euro, children 10 euro. On Sunday from 11h30 till 16h.
Some restaurants offer brunch in the buffet form and some with the service at table. Average price of Parisian brunches go from 19 to 30 euro. Of course, there exist also more luxurious brunches in fancy restaurants, the prices of which go up to 45 – 55 euro per person. One of the restaurants offering the cheapest weekend brunch: Bioboa, address: 93, rue Montmartre, IIe.  Tel.: 01 40 28 02 83. Price of the brunch per person: 20 €. On Saturday from 11 a.m. till 5 p.m.
Maria Dopjerova-Danthine, Paristep