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Coffee in Paris


1.jpgCoffee is ubiquitous in Paris and often even confirmed foe of this fragrant delicacy doesn´t resist and sits down for a while. But is it not as easy as it seems to order coffee in Paris... Most of Central Europeans are amazed after ordering their first "café" - it is small, strong and there´s no „extra little milk“.

Basic "café" really looks like this. Don´t gulp down this strong espresso, parisian way is drinking it slowly. Coffee is served with sugar and usually also with water. If you're used to your morning cup of coffee less strong in larger 2.jpgquantities, order the "café alongé". Beware of "double", which brings you to order, it's just twice more of as much as strong "café". Do not expect and don´t ask for extra little milk. If you want coffee with milk, order the "café Cremo" or "cafe au lait" - they will foam milk directly into your cup. Cappuccino, chocolate and other beverages are already similar to those we know.

One cup of  "café" ranges from € 1.60 to € 10, depending of course on the cafe level. Well done, however, you can be enjoyed also in small out-of-the-way cafes with some two tables on the street. Often you will get water straight to your coffee and, if not, you can ask for it - serving free "tap" water is far more common than in Centcafe.jpgral Europe. The waiter will bring you the account on a saucer where you put the money. If you´re with a company, pay together and don´t let the waiter allocate spending per person. Usual tipping is about 10%. If you pay at the counter and they return small to you, let a tip on the counter or in a box they have prepared.

A small piece of advice at the end - do not help the waiter with your cup and wait to put a cup on the table. It's his job and he is proud of it, he could be offended by your help.

Bára Stluková


Preview of picture in folder Paris street | Jan Schinko jr.