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Cheese specialties in Paris


01.jpgEven in freezing weather Paris is attractive and is welcoming the tourists. However, the strolls on its boulevards, hidden streets and sights have to be more often compensated with warm places. And even in this aspect Paris offers endless possibilities. In freezing days, we have the tendency to feel less guilty to eat more caloric food, what in the French cuisine means meals from the melted cheese "fondue savoyarde" or "choucroute" (saurkraut with smoked meat and potatoes).

When you walk by the Panthéon on its left side, you will face the church Saint-Etien02.jpgne du Mont from the 15th century. On the left side of the church you go down a narrow street rue Montagne Sainte-Génèvieve, with no impressive sights, but still an oldest part of the 5th arrondissement of Paris. The quarter Montagne Sainte-Génèvieve was inhabited already in the Middle Ages. Those who like silence, sand-stone fasades of the Parisian buildings and those who enjoy taking photos will spend here a pleasant moment. The street starts with a green fasade of the coffee place-restaurant Gaudeamus, on the other side of the street you will notice an English type pub.

 Saint Génèvieve is a saint of Paris. She was born in 422 in Nanterre (western 03.jpgsuburbs of Paris) and is in the origin of the legend that thanks to her the water in Nanterre has healing effects. Attila, king of Hunes, came to France with a powerful army, destroying everything in their way. His approaching arrival to Paris caused panics among the inhabitants, people were getting ready to leave the city. Geneviève, with all her faith in God talked to people and she declared that the enemy will not come to Paris, if the Parisians start to fast, pray and guard. And the Hunes really changed the direction of their marching, Paris was saved.

If you are looking for a cozy restaurant in Paris where you want to spend couple of warm hours and have a break from the chilly winter weather, one of the possible options is the restaurant "Etoile du Berger". Although the owner has an "Asian look" and the waiter is an Italian, they are unbeatable in Paris for Savoy region specialties. Get seated behind the small table under the ceiling with wooden logs, from which various things are hanging, several pairs of old skis, curiosities such as small plush santa clauses or a cage with a stuffed hen.04.jpg

Although the menu is rich and various, this is the best place to order a "fondue bourguignonne", where together with a kettle of hot oil and wine, you will get a plate with pieces of various types of meat, which are being dipped in the hot oil, or "fondue savoyarde", when together with the kettle with hot melted cheese you will get a big basket of bread pieces, plate of smoked ham, green salad or potatoes again to be dipped with the long metal sticks in the melted cheese. And in spite of this rich meal and all the calories of the main dish, you cannot skip a dessert, "fondue au chocolat" – a kettle of hot dark chocolate and a plate of pieces of different fruits.

Meal is so tasty and nicely arranged with the kettles being warmed up directly on the tables, that the friendly ambiance gets contagious in this restaurant. The waiter walks satisfied from one table to another, regulates the fire on the heaters and enjoys seeing his customers happy.

Address of the restaurant Etoile du Berger: 42, rue de la Montagne Sainte- Génèvieve, phone Price of the menu including the main dish „fondue savoyarde“ and a dessert "fondue au chocolat" is 22 euro. You are not going to leave hungry.

Maria Dopjerova-Danthine, Paristep