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Coffee paradise by Hôtel de Ville


coffee-1.jpg"La bibliothèque" means library in French. A pleasant space with lots of books. "La Caféothèque" will be then a coffee place. A place with plenty of coffee beans, big heavy linen bags, from all over the world, with many types of coffee, a drink menu offering coffee specialties which make you hesitate for a long moment.

Feeling cold after a walk in the old part Marais or on the banks of the Seine river, or after skating in front of the Hotel de Ville building, or after visiting the Notre-Dame Cathedral, a place worth stopping by for a coffein recharge or for slowing down in a busy rythm with a cup of a good coffee or hot chocolate.

A place that welcomes you by a cheerful wall drawing of a colourful exotic bird, dozens of jars with the coffee beans from all over the world and three rooms, each with its specific mood. The place where you feel that each person of the staff has his or her background in which the coffee has an important rolcoffee-2.jpge.

Behind the desk there is a young man with tattooed muscled arms. On the website of Caféothèque you learn that Luca comes from a village in Sardinia, Riola Sardo, where his father, Mr Mocci prepared every morning a traditional coffee. It was a smell of this fresh coffee, climbing by the stairs to the room of Luca, that led him to the knowledge of the perfection of this drink. Later he observed his friends "baristi"  to prepare espresso in the coffee machines, how they handled the coffee mills and later thanks to the classes at the University of Illy in Trieste he became a coffee professional. His ambition is to "find a perfection in all drinkcoffee-3.jpgs, without any exception and each coffee is a challenge for him".

Abricot cake and a cappuccino with artistically designed milk foam are served at our table by Caroline. She spent her childhood among the chocolates in the workshop of her father. Her father, Mr Henry had an opinion that if you want to make a good chocolate, it is necessary to visit the cocoa producing country, to know the region and work with people at place. And so Caroline traveled to the south of Mexico, to Bolivia, Guatemala and is an author of a documentary on the cocoa production. And the clients of the Caféothèque coffee-4.jpgnotice that she is also a professional dancer, following her swift and graceful movements among the tables and time to time making several dansing steps. Besides Caroline and Luca, the coffee pleasure is prepared also by Laura, Yadh and Eyayu.

When we leave I ask the waitor if they do not sell the cappuccino powder in the boxes. What an embarassing mistake. He looks at me with big astonished eyes and tells me that the cappuccino powder is a pure sin, it cannot even be called a cappuccino. Cacoffee-5.jpgppuccino has its own procedure that has to be respected. In Caféothèque they do not permit any mixture, not even regional, because then the coffee would lose the "signature" of its origin.

Guatemala, Burundi, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Brazilia, Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Peru... make a trip in the heart of Paris, and not only with a finger on the map, but through the coffee beans in your cup.

You have a feeling that you are tired by the year 2013, you would like to jump to the new year with enthusiasm and a bunch of committments, but you are missing the energy for the first big leap? And what about pushing the door of La Caféothèque on the number 52 street rue de l‘Hôtel de Ville?

We wish you a healthy, good, nice and energetic new year 2014! 

Maria Danthine, Paristep
Source of information: www.lacafeotheque.com